Chanel Cruise 2012 The Tale of a Fairy Short Film NSFW

To coincide with the Chanel Cruise 2012 collection Chanel made a short film called The Tale of a Fairy. The short features the usual Chanel folk Freja Beha, Kristen McMenamy, Baptiste Giabiconi, and Anna Mouglalis. And as usual…I don’t get the film. I never get these Lagerfeld directed short films for Chanel.

The acting from the models is usually really bad, and there are a lot of crazy things going on. Like one lady is getting cheated on by her husband right in front of her face, so then she becomes a lesbian. Now I wouldn’t turn into a lesbian if my husband cheated on me. No. I would polywop both the husband and the whore in front me, in the middle of the dinner, for trying cheat on me. That foolishness would not be tolerated, and why is everyone in this movie so bitter. Why is there a fairy? Like why does Karl Lagerfeld think any of this stuff makes sense? What do you think of this slightly not safe for work short fashion movie?

By thefatandskinnyonfashion

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