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Chanel Cruise 2012 The Tale of a Fairy Short Film NSFW

To coincide with the Chanel Cruise 2012 collection Chanel made a short film called The Tale of a Fairy. The short features the usual Chanel folk Freja Beha, Kristen McMenamy, Baptiste Giabiconi, and Anna Mouglalis. And as usual…I don’t get the film. I never get these Lagerfeld directed short films for Chanel.

The acting from the models is usually really bad, and there are a lot of crazy things going on. Like one lady is getting cheated on by her husband right in front of her face, so then she becomes a lesbian. Now I wouldn’t turn into a lesbian if my husband cheated on me. No. I would polywop both the husband and the whore in front me, in the middle of the dinner, for trying cheat on me. That foolishness would not be tolerated, and why is everyone in this movie so bitter. Why is there a fairy? Like why does Karl Lagerfeld think any of this stuff makes sense? What do you think of this slightly not safe for work short fashion movie?

Baptiste Giabiconi Brings The Fashion Fuckery With New Music Video

Lagerfeld Male Model Muse Baptiste Giabiconi brings the fashion fuckery with his new music video for the song “Showtime”. The music video came out last week, but I was too busy trying to do school work to watch. Now that I have, I seriously regret not being able to get those precious few minutes back. Really I do. Baptiste…you are a beautiful man, a very beautiful man. Model you may be, but singer you are not.

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The Kaiser Loves Coke Light

I think this is such a great picture of Coco and Baptiste. They look fun, the ad looks fun, and the Coke bottle looks neat.  I think it would be fun to drink out of, and I think that is the look there were going for. I would love to get a hold of these bottles.

From WWD:

COCO-COLA: Karl Lagerfeld poured a lot of himself into his latest collaboration: with Coca-Cola Light in France. Not only did he design a special aluminum bottle capped in vivid pink and adorned with his unmistakable, emphatic silhouette — dark suit, high collar, jutting ponytail — he also shot the ad campaign. The fizzy images, featuring models Coco Rocha and Lagerfeld regular Baptiste Giacobini, are slated to break across France on April 28, including in magazines and on billboards. One of the billboards will be splashed across Galeries Lafayette which, along with Colette, will get a jump on selling a limited edition boxed version of the bottle, with matching bottle opener, priced from 47 euros, or $64 at current exchange. Lagerfeld has long been a fan of diet cola, and says he prefers to drink it in a delicate crystal goblet to accentuate the taste. To wit: Rocha hoists her Coca-Cola Light in his favorite Lalique glass, dressed in fingerless gloves and a high-collared look from his signature collection for spring. Next up for the indefatigable Lagerfeld? A campaign shoot for the fall Karl Lagerfeld collection, this time featuring Giacobini and Iris Strubegger. — Miles Socha