Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Night Three

I am writing this to you in my hotel room with one watery eye and a runny nose. I think my allergies have gotten the best of me here at Charleston Fashion Week. Good thing the front desk sells hot pockets and allergy medicine. Hopefully I can churn this post out before the Benadryl sets in!

I was a slack blogger yesterday. I didn’t go to the press lounge for designer interviews. I was stuck in the room doing homework, because some lame teacher assigned homework during Spring Break. Ugh. I did make it to the fashion show last night. On to the reviews…

Of the boutique fashion shows, I was most impressed with Hampden Clothing. I love that store to pieces. It is always young and fresh, two of my new favorite things. The crowd seemed to love them too. They were more excited to see them than the Palm Avenue Lily Pulitzer store and the V2V store that sold other clothes that I can’t remember. I’m just that tired.

Eleanor Hoffman was the first Emerging Designer out for the night. Her designers had great detailing. I especially loved the detailing on the shoulder and arm of a dress. It was red and dark blue and kind of melded into one another.

Julie Wheat showed a very cute, trendy without being tacky collection of everyday ready to wear clothing and swimsuits. I think her line was really good, and I thought she would have won People’s Choice since she seemed to be the hometown favorite. What made her collection unique was the fun, flirty nature of her clothes and swimwear.

Sasha Gil came out with an urban chic, Beyonce/J.Lo/Diva Diva Diva collection that featured tight dresses that left one old lady clapping the whole time. She even stood up during the finale. I loved the outfit with the pink top and high-waisted white pants.

Last but not least was Michael Wiernicki who was the People’s Choice and Emerging Designer Finalist. He was also the best collection of the night. While I loved the Emerging Designer’s collections, his was just the icing on the cake. It was editorial, it was constructed well, it was graphic, and it was avant-garde without being too confusing. I loved the last two pieces. Ugh…so amazing. I don’t know how the judges are going to pick the overall winner.

Hunter Dixon was the featured designer. The line was started by two South Carolina natives, Jennifer Dixon and Hunter Bell. I loved the line for its feminine qualities, but everyone kept asking why the collection looked so mixed up. The clothes were still cute though.

On to night four… after I get my allergies in check.

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