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Carolina Bloggin Charleston Fashion Week Pre-Party

A few weeks ago several of the Carolina Bloggin bloggers, and I held a pre-party for Charleston Fashion Week at O-ku in Charleston.  I was so nervous because this was the first blogger event I have ever hosted. It was a really fun party and a great success!  O-ku provided some great sushi and chicken skewers. They also created a signature drink for the event, which Teowonna called Carolina Sunshine.. We also had a ton of sponsors like DressBarn, Shop Epitome, Dry Soda, and We Love Colors. Robert Rison from Eclat Designs was the featured designer who showed at our event, and Mayaqoba’s had a few models on hand to show her resort wear as well. It was a ton of fun. I want to thank all of the sponsors helping us put on a wonderful event (not all of them are listed here). I also want to thank everyone for coming out. Photos by me! Click below to see some more!

*Last but not least, Khali from Shop Epitome was gracious enough to provide us with our very own coupon code, CSW25, good for 25% off until May 31! Get Shopping!

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Former Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designers Get Featured

A few days ago former Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designers JLINSNIDER and Michael Wiernicki became featured designers and local retailers at this year’s Charleston Fashion Week. They have always been personal favorites of mine since I first saw them both present as emerging designers. I am so excited to see the progress that they have made since then. Both designers are graphic and experimental. I feel like their clothes are not for the faint at heart, but I will admit that JLINSNIDER’s designs were more wearable this year. Either way I am still a big fan and can’t wait to see their next collections.

Charleston Fashion Week Day Two

Charleston Fashion Week Day Two showed some very exciting new talent. Bob & Kris Galmarini showed some cutey patootey clothes for children inspired by their own children and Bob’s love of screenprinting. Jessica Patricia Krupa showed some lovely vintage inspired swimwear that really shows off a woman’s curves. Angela Sum, who gets to move on in the competition, showed a very light and airy Rodarte like collection. Many in attendance loved her collection. Ra Jang showed an interesting black and rainbow colored collection that also featured some graphic prints. Nina Awasum showed a very beautiful African inspired collection. I actually met Nina and Jessica last night. They are really nice, and I wish them and all of the other designers well.

Charleston Fashion Week 2012 Day One

Hey everybody! I’m back at Charleston Fashion Week again. Last night I went to see what the Emerging Designers Competition had to offer. The video below shows my personal faves out of the bunch. Samantha Michele Hyman showed a Downton Abbey type collection that was cute, practical, and very pretty. I met her after the show and she was pretty nice. She of the unpronounceable name, Tsvetelina Gerasimova McAuliffe, gets to move on in the design competition. Her clothes reminded me of a cool and sexy Gaga inspired Gucci collection. So I guess you can call is Gaga Gucci. Adrienne Antonson’s collection was prairie chic. If I were playing Oregon Trail, I would ford the heck out of that river in my chic felt bonnet! I can’t wait to see what the second batch of designers show tonight.

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Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Bridal Show

After a few days of recouping from fashion week, I am finally able to write the last two Charleston Fashion Week posts. On Saturday, I went to my first bridal show, which is weird because my mom plans weddings. When I walked into the tent, it was transformed into a wedding reception with snacks and cakes from the various vendors and plenty of blushing soon to be brides…and a few annoyed fiances too.

There were designs by designers and boutiques YoYo Designs, Modern Trousseau, Charleston Wedding Dress by Alena Fede, Belle Couture Bridal & Kira Elizabeth Designs, White, Maddison Row & Bella Bridesmaid, and Heidi Elnora.

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Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Night Four

Hey everyone. I am still in Charleston enjoying Charleston Fashion Week. Things have been a blast. I can’t believe toay is the last day of CHSFW and my busiest too. I have the bridal show first, then I have the Gilt-y party at the Cynthia Rowley store and more fashion shows at night. Oh and I still have to pack.

Last night’s shows were very interesting in a good way. We had Sucker Jeans who, if you remember from last year, makes seersucker jeans. They seem really neat, I just wish they styled the show better. Then we had Mary Mojo Boutique & The Shoe Fairy. I enjoyed the clothes more than the shoes, but it was still the same old beachy beachwear.

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Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Night Three

I am writing this to you in my hotel room with one watery eye and a runny nose. I think my allergies have gotten the best of me here at Charleston Fashion Week. Good thing the front desk sells hot pockets and allergy medicine. Hopefully I can churn this post out before the Benadryl sets in!

I was a slack blogger yesterday. I didn’t go to the press lounge for designer interviews. I was stuck in the room doing homework, because some lame teacher assigned homework during Spring Break. Ugh. I did make it to the fashion show last night. On to the reviews…
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Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Night Two

Last night was another amazing night at Charleston Fashion Week. There were two shows featuring local stores and then four shows showing four new Emerging Designers.  The featured designer for the night was another former Emerging Designer from a past Charleston Fashion Week. Let’s get to the reviews.

First things first. I just want to say that last night’s fashion film by Jewell & Ginnie was amazing. It had DJs and Hip Hop. Everybody was dancing in there seats. My new and and old blogging friends were having way too much fun!

The two stores that showed last night were Tommy Bahama and House of Sage. Tommy Bahama was the same old mature beach wear. I wasn’t into it last year and I’m still not. House of Sage was good. It was young, fresh, and trendy. I love that store to pieces.

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Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Night One

I’m back at Charleston Fashion Week again! Can you believe that it has been a year since I started on my fashion week journey from Charleston to New York to New York again and now back to Charleston with some Columbia fashion events thrown in? Amazing! I wanted to do a video with me speaking to you all, but iMovie is acting up. Please pray that it starts working again, and if any of you geek squaders know how to make my webcam videos have sound again that would be great. Oh and you guys are totally going to hear me and Eb talking all up in the videos.

Anyhoo… the night started out with a lovely song by Quiana Parler. She was amazing. I mean her voice was the TRUTH!!! I cannot say that enough. Fantastic. I want her cd now. Then we had a runway show by two local stores, Rapport and Copper Penny. The Rapport was full of classic brands and classic looks. While I like classic looks, it just seemed a bit bland, especially when the Copper Penny clothes came out. They sell designers like Tibi, Michael Kors, and DVF. It was lighter, brighter, and fun. After that Barbara Beach, who one People’s Choice last year in the Emerging Designers Competition, showed her lovely children’s wear. I could definitely see myself dressing my children in clothes like that..if I had any children.

Next up were four of this year’s Emerging Designer East Competition. I loved them all and found it quite hard to pick last night’s People Choice winner. Marie Cordella took an academic approach to her designs, which gave them a complex, conceptual look. I loved the bright colors and shapes. Very Solange Knowles. Van Hoang showed a very mature, yet youthful collection full of awesome knits and beautiful hand dyed fabrics. Very ephemeral and light.

Veritee Hill was the judges choice to move on in the competition just as everyone predicted. Her designs were perfect for the theater, Beyonce, or Lady Gaga. I loved how she made dresses out of Latex that looked sexy with out looking skanky. People’s Choice winner Sarah Parrott was also very good. I think she won People’s Choice because her designs were the most wearable and trend on without being too trendy. Plus everyone loved the teal pants.

Somewhere in between all of that they showed a fashion film. While I thought the film was nice, I think most of the crowd didn’t comprehend the fashion film. The thing about fashion films is that they are conceptual. Hopefully they will get it by the end of the week since they will be showing a new one every night. Jamie Lin Snider was the last to show. She was in the top three of the Emerging Designer contest last year. Some thought she should have won. Cathedrals and graveyards inspired her designs. It was interesting to see the light mixed with dark in her collection. I really loved the tribal looking elements and long dresses. Last night was amazing. I wonder how they will top it tonight.

Join Alexis Maybank from Gilt Groupe For A Gilt-y Party At Cynthia Rowley’s Charleston Store

I am going to Charleston Fashion Week tomorrow, so I can’t wait for all of the festivities to begin. One of the parties I am looking forward to is the Gilt-y Party hosted by Alexis Maybank at the Cynthia Rowley store. I will be there, so if you are planning on attending, please come up and say HI! I promise I won’t bite.

Here are the particulars:


The Fall Previews Just Keep Coming

TFAS is now mobile.
I have been so busy with school, which is running me ragged by the way, that I totally forgot about this email from Cynthia Rowley’s PR people. They sent me pictures of the F/W collection. I always love Cynthia Rowley’s clothes because you can tell she made them for a fun woman, just like me! When I met her at Charleston Fashion Week, she was amazing. The way she wears her clothes, you can tell she is the Cynthia Rowley woman. DUH!


This collection has a bit of a flapper feel to it with all the fringe. It is so funny to see these influences in fashion right now because we are studying the Twenties and Thirties in my History of 20th Century Fashion Art class. The collection also featured puffer coats and gloves. I love how puffer coats keep you warm, but they do feel a little bulky to me. As always, her shoes are to die for, but the colors and patterns are what I love best about this collection. Who says you have to wear only drab colors in the fall? Not I and apparently not Cynthia Rowley either.
Check out videos and other pictures of the collection here.

Charleston Fashion Week Rock the Runway Model Competition

The model competition was really good. they had over 500 models try out and they narrowed it down to 10 men and 10 women. I had my favorite for the men and women. One of the male models I liked won, Antwuan Whitney. The female model who won,Caroline DeBruhl , wasn’t on my radar, but I looked at her photo and saw why the judges picked her. I honestly didn’t remember her on the runway. You can see all of the finalists here.

Also Larika Page won the Emerging Designers Competition, and Barbara Beach won the People’s Choice. You can find out more about them here and here. Here is the post I wrote on the contest.

Charleston Fashion Week Day 3

Thursday was my last day of fashion week festivities. I wish I was ale to stay the whole week, but maybe I will be able to do that next year. Some of the collections that were that night were either a hit or miss with me. Oh well. That is how it should be. You can’t love them all. Oh and notice how my video skills got slightly better by the end of my time in Charleston. LOL!

Eden Boheme-
This store featured really cute and feminine clothing from the store’s owners(Lucinda Race and Anna Lassiter) and other brands like Wink and Sass & Bide. I really loved some of the short sets and jumpsuits.www.edenboheme.com

Tommy Bahama-
Tommy Bahama is not my cup of tea. My dad likes this brand, but I just can’t get into it. I mean how many palm leaf covered shirts can you make.www.tommybahama.com

Copper Penny-
Copper Penny was another cute boutique that I liked. Everything was fun, hip, bright, and trendy. The styling of the model’s was really good. www.shopcopperpenny.com

Hampden Clothing-
I really loved this store too, so much so that on Friday, before we left, I just had to check it out. Everything here is very edgy because they carry lines like Opening Ceremony and Alexander Wang. I see why Marie Claire named this boutique as one of the top 50 store nationwide.www.hampdenclothing.com

Seeking Indigo-
This boutique had ethinic, tribal inspired clothing that wasn’t my cup of tea, but still thought were pretty. They feature exclusive pieces from kavita Bhatari and Gunjan Rahul. If you are into Indian inspired clothes, this is the store for you. www.seekingindigo.com

Pearl was a very chic boutique. If you are looking for womanly, beautiful clothes by Jason Wu, Erdem, and Thakoon, this is the place to go. They have everything to make your wardrobe last from day to night.www.shoppearlonline.com

Mary Porter Couture-
Mary Porter is a local designer who has been making clothes for over 20 years. Her evening wear and bridal dress were gorgeous. Every time a look came out, people would gasp. The collection reminded me of those old movies with Greta Garbo and Ava Gardner.

Pictures from Charleston Fashion Week

Here are some pictures I took at Charleston Fashion Week. It is lengthy, but I hope you enjoy.

Update: Billion Dollar Babes Sales
Monday 3/22 – Tuesday 3/23: Vintage Louis Vuitton Handbags, King Baby Jewelry, MRE Jewelry, Scents and Feel

Wednesday 3/24 – Thursday 3/25: Gucci Watches, Petit Bateau, Enchanted Enfant, Rapz Jewelry

Friday 3/26 – Saturday 3/27: Beautiful People Handbags, Michelle Vale, Teutonia

All of our sales begin at 8am PST/11am EST and end at 11:59pm PST/2:59am EST.

Mychael Knight-“Carte Blanche” Collection

I went on the Charleston Fashion Week website and found the pictures that Fashion Wire Press took of Mychael Knight’s new collection. I think these pics look way better than my video, so I made a slideshow featuring them. I also took a break from posting because I needed to rest after leaving Charleston and finishing my midterms. Since spring break is this week, I will hopefully catch up on my French lessons,blog reading, and other things I didn’t have time to do. OH last but not least! I am glad you guys and gals have enjoyed to new content! 🙂

Charleston Fashion Week Day 2

Hello everybody! I am still in Charleston enjoying the festivities. Last night I met the lovely Candace from Dollface Style Scoop and The Shop Tart. I really enjoy meeting the people I talk to online because it so so so cool to put a face to the name. The fashion show last night featured different brands and boutiques. Plus Project Runway alum Mychael Knight debuted his first full collection since the show last night.

* Please note that my videography skills suck as always, and there is another sideways video section, but it is my fault this time because I thought the video would know to switch it back. Oh well. I’m learning! :)*

Monkee’s of Daniel Island-
The eclectic boutique blend funky rock and roll chic with a soft, feminine edge. I love the yellow eyes and lips on the models. I might actually try that. You can find them at www.monkeesofdanielisland.com.

Banana Republic-
This classic store showed the equally classic looks that it is known for. Ladies it you are looking for a great button down, some khaki pants, or a great spring sweater. Check BR out in a mall near you.

Sucker Jeans-
I was a little skeptical of this local line when I first heard about it, but being from the South I automatically love seersucker. I’m happy to say that the line didn’t disappoint me at all. Buy a pair for yourself or your favorite guy before summer starts. Check them out here.

Thera M-
This Daniel Island boutique showed some crazy cute girly pieces from Leifsdottir, Mara Hoffman, Ali Ro, and Anlo. Check them out at www.shoptheram.com.

House of Sage-
House of Sage is a new boutique that features laid back, yet really stylish clothes from brands like French Connection and Mavi. The clothes reminded me of LA or SoHo in NYC. Visit House of Sage here.

Palm Avenue-
Palm Avenue is a Lilly Pulitzer shop. I love Lilly Pulitzer clothes. One of the things I like to do with this brand is search for the word Lilly written in tiny letters that they hid in the fabric. It is like searching for Waldo. I really like the Palm Beach feel of the clothes. The store even features a Lilly print with skulls on it. Super cute! Shop here.

Mychael Knight-
Last night was the first night he debuted his full collection since PR and it was worth the wait. While I think he did a good job on PR, I think he still had a ways to go to improve his skill and taste level. Yesterday’s collection, entitled Carte Blanche, showed a new Mychael Knight. One that you didn’t see on Project Runway. One that had the power to show whatever he wanted to show. The striking white and black collection was full of elegant architectural pieces and jackets and leggings to die for. It was very space age and futuristic. I wish him much success.

Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designer Contest

Hey everyone! It is raining here in Charleston aka The Chuck, but I am having a last. I opted to skip the interview session today so I could bring you an update on the fashion show from last night. It was CFW’s answer to Project Runway. Eb and I had a blast looking at what each designer created for the show. Sorry if the camera is a little shaky, and sorry for the one shot that was sideways. I don’t know why my camera did that. If you know how to fix that, please help me out. The panel of judges are Mychael Knight, Gordana Gehlhausen and Carol Hannah Whitfield from Project Runway, Elysa Lazar, Ashley Reid, Ayoka Lucas, designer Cynthia Rowley, and Anne Slowley who judges the last segment of the competition. I hate that I am going to miss her.

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OK! Let’s get started.

Uriel Zamora-
His show was amazing, no TRESMAZING! He was inspired by one of my favorite artist, Roy Lichtenstein, so he created these sculptural looks that reminded me of Lady Gaga and Beyonce. I wish the judges had picked his line to move on. 🙁
Barbara Beach- One of the finalist that is moving forward in the competition
I wish I had her footage but my camera actually ate some of her footage so again I am confused at what happened. Sorry about that, but she showed cute and preppy childrenswear. The kid models look adorable.
Anna Lassiter-
Her collection was so Boho chic, but it was done very well. I could see this collection selling. In a major store.
Hannalei Taylor-
Her clothes were really cute, fun, and girly. The plaids and lace reminded me of her interior design past.
Larika Page- One of the finalist that is moving forward in the competition
Her clothes were so amazing. I am so happy for her because her collection was scultptural, elegant, wearable, and classy.
Chelsie Ravenell-
He showed a line for men and women. It was very preppy meets urban, but not in the Pharrell or Kanye way. It was a mix of downtown skate and basketball(two of the designer’s pastimes) inspired deconstructed looks. I thought it was OK, but it could have been better. I heard one of the judges, whose name I shall not say, say what was right on my mind. I thought to myself, “How do you create looks for an original collection if you are just going to destroy and spray paint Levi’s?” He didn’t make those jeans. OHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Jamie Lin Snider-One of the finalist that is moving forward in the competition
She is a Las Vegas native living near Charleston. Her bio said that she likes to create looks that bring “a city edge to Charleston’s sophisticated, Southern charm.” What I saw were not edgy, but elegant clothes inspired by the past. The only thing I didn’t like, where the cheap shoes that were too big for the models’ feet. They all stumbled, slipped, and walked slew footed down the runway. That took away from the beauty of her clothes.

Julia Faye Davison-
I am not gonna lie. I was intrigued to see what she would create, but thought I would probably not like it because she said her collection was a mix between two cultures. It was a reverse Pocahontas themed collection based on “a regal Englishwoman and a proud-spirited Native American man [who fell] in love”. Umm… yeah. Color me surprised! I actually liked it. The best thing about the men and womenswear collection were the paneled and fringed leggings.
The three finalist have to take a certain number of white button down Oxford shirts and create a garment inspired by Alexander McQueen.
The main show of the night featured contest judge and Project Runway finalist Gordana Gehlhausen. Her GOGA collection featured some incredible hand knitted dresses and lots of lace and ruffles.The whole collection reminded me of a women who was into Anna Sui when she was younger, but wants the same look just a little more subdued.

My First Fashion Week Experience! Part Deux

OK so after the interviews, Elizabeth from Charleston Scene, Mikelle, and I went to Cynthia Rowley’s store. Cynthia Rowley was extremely classy, humble, and nice. Really nice. I told her how I was a big fan of hers, and that her brand was the first pair of designer heels that I bought back in high school. She told me that I was sweet and had beautiful skin. Then I melted.to.the.floor. The store was full of so many interesting people. I loved it so much! Check out some of these people.
Me and Cynthia Rowley
Some awesome man and Cynthia Rowley
This is the cool lady that let me take her picture. Check out the dude behind her too.
Isabella Blow Doppelganger.

I wish I had gotten all of her hat. There was a floral stem with leaves shooting out of the top. I honestly wish I could have gotten the whole outfit. She was beyond amazing. Makes me wish people dressed like that in South Carolina everyday. Oh did I mention that I saw a woman with a orange ostrich mini Kelly Hermes bag. Swoon!
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My First Fashion Week Experience! Part One

This has been the most amazing experience. I really have to thank God for coming through. Mom and I got to Charleston about midday, but we couldn’t check in our hotel right away. Then when we tried to go to lunch but my car battery died. We called AAA and got a jump. I came back in the hotel checked in and started some homework. One more week until Spring Break and I can’t wait.

I went to the Press Lounge for the  Emerging Designer Competition:Southeast Finalist interviews, and I met one of my Twitter friends Make Me Over Eb and her designer friend Miikelle Fowler. It is so nice meeting the people I talk to online. After the interview session I actually joined in on Eb’s podcast. You can check that out here. Back to the interviews. All of the designers were late checking in, but that was OK because it gave me time to talk to Eb, Miikelle, and Elizabeth from Charleston Scene Magazine.

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Whatever. The designers were late, but I chatted with my new friends so all was good in the world. Once the designers showed up, they completed a press junket interview session along with  Darcy Shankland (Editor-in-Chief of Charleston Magazine), and Ayoka Lucas (CFW Creative Director). Charleston Magazine’s Charleston Fashion Week is doing a Project Runway type runway competition.  All of the designers that were interviewed were very talented and so different. There was also a children designer in the mix.  Out of the ones who moved ahead after the fashion show they have to complete a final design challenge. I hate that I will miss it this weekend, but I am only here until Thursday.

I asked both Darcy Shankland and Ayoka Lucas about adding plus size fashion designers into fashion week. They both enthusiastically said “COME! COME!” So if you are plus size fashion designer, come to Charleston Fashion Week. They would love to see you. We also got to interview Mychael Knight from Project Runway. He is showing tomorrow and staying in the same hotel as my mom and me. I can’t wait to see what he produces.

Eb, Ayoka, and Mychael Knight

Don’t forget to check out part deux!