Charleston Fashion Week 2011 Night One

I’m back at Charleston Fashion Week again! Can you believe that it has been a year since I started on my fashion week journey from Charleston to New York to New York again and now back to Charleston with some Columbia fashion events thrown in? Amazing! I wanted to do a video with me speaking to you all, but iMovie is acting up. Please pray that it starts working again, and if any of you geek squaders know how to make my webcam videos have sound again that would be great. Oh and you guys are totally going to hear me and Eb talking all up in the videos.

Anyhoo… the night started out with a lovely song by Quiana Parler. She was amazing. I mean her voice was the TRUTH!!! I cannot say that enough. Fantastic. I want her cd now. Then we had a runway show by two local stores, Rapport and Copper Penny. The Rapport was full of classic brands and classic looks. While I like classic looks, it just seemed a bit bland, especially when the Copper Penny clothes came out. They sell designers like Tibi, Michael Kors, and DVF. It was lighter, brighter, and fun. After that Barbara Beach, who one People’s Choice last year in the Emerging Designers Competition, showed her lovely children’s wear. I could definitely see myself dressing my children in clothes like that..if I had any children.

Next up were four of this year’s Emerging Designer East Competition. I loved them all and found it quite hard to pick last night’s People Choice winner. Marie Cordella took an academic approach to her designs, which gave them a complex, conceptual look. I loved the bright colors and shapes. Very Solange Knowles. Van Hoang showed a very mature, yet youthful collection full of awesome knits and beautiful hand dyed fabrics. Very ephemeral and light.

Veritee Hill was the judges choice to move on in the competition just as everyone predicted. Her designs were perfect for the theater, Beyonce, or Lady Gaga. I loved how she made dresses out of Latex that looked sexy with out looking skanky. People’s Choice winner Sarah Parrott was also very good. I think she won People’s Choice because her designs were the most wearable and trend on without being too trendy. Plus everyone loved the teal pants.

Somewhere in between all of that they showed a fashion film. While I thought the film was nice, I think most of the crowd didn’t comprehend the fashion film. The thing about fashion films is that they are conceptual. Hopefully they will get it by the end of the week since they will be showing a new one every night. Jamie Lin Snider was the last to show. She was in the top three of the Emerging Designer contest last year. Some thought she should have won. Cathedrals and graveyards inspired her designs. It was interesting to see the light mixed with dark in her collection. I really loved the tribal looking elements and long dresses. Last night was amazing. I wonder how they will top it tonight.

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