Chub Rub Be Gone- Bandelettes Review


I received Bandelettes from the company to try.

Want chub rub relief? Try Bandelettes. I recently tried Bandelettes, a product that promises chub rub relief. I am so glad the company let me try this product out because this is something that I seriously needed. I am not ashamed of my chub rub or thigh chafing, and you shouldn’t be either.

There are so many creams and things on the market that help with this problem, but none look and feel as stylish as Bandelettes. Bandelettes are lace strips with a comfy smooth grip that stay up all day an prevent your thighs from rubbing together.

They can be worn under your garments or worn with just smidge of lace peeking out from the bottom of your skirts or shorts. Either way, they look and feel nice. Bandelettes come in sizes A-F. You need to follow the measuring directions on the website to get the right fit. They have a video and step by step written tutorial  They come is various skin tone friendly colors and are sold for $14.99. They also have two colors on sale for $10.99. I am a fan. Check out Bandelettes and let me know what you think.

By thefatandskinnyonfashion

Jai has been helping bring fashion and beauty news to women around the world as the editor of The Fat and Skinny on Fashion for 5 years!