Columbia Style Week Night Two


Tonight was round two for Columbia Style Week. Held at 701 Whaley, this was also the night where the actual fashion shows started. The designers up tonight were Nelson Arrington, Mary Michaels, Columbia 12, Nancy Crowell Designs, and Alta-cation. Check out the review below.

Nelson Arrington was the first designer up. He showed edgy business separates with a silver and black palette. While I applaud his edgy designs, I wish the clothes had more shape. Next Mary Michaels showed an interesting 60s inspired collection. The dresses were fabulous and so were some of the pants. The blouses; however, left much to be desired. It is nothing a little editing can’t fix.

Afterwards Carolina 12 showed cute underwear and pajamas. Several women in the audience approved of the brightly colored boyshorts. Everyone was overwhelmed with cuteness when the child models modeled Nancy Crowell Designs. I could see many a child in the brillantly colored clothes and cutsey t-shirts. Alta-cation, which is designed by two women,  was very Tim Burton goth inspired. The clothes were great, but they will have to figure out a way to make the clothes more wearble and less costumey.


By thefatandskinnyonfashion

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