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The Fat and Skinny on Fashion receives over 6,300 unique visitors and 9,000 page views a month and is steadily growing. TFAS also has over 2000 Twitter followers. The blog is now accepting offers for ad space. TFAS is open to writing reviews, looking at look books, and doing contests. Jai is also open to answering any questions you may have for her. She is also available for styling, consulting, and freelance fashion writing. Jai loves learning about new and old brands that she may be unfamiliar with, and she might just rant or rave about them. Please remember that she likes to keep it really real. She will talk about your product on her own. Don’t beg her to write a review, and DO NOT think that sending her an email requires her to talk about you. It doesn’t. Read below for details and have a nice day!


TFAS believes in the IFB Fair Compensation Manifesto.

TFAS does do product reviews at her own discretion. Reviews can include beauty products, clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Let her know about your product today.

TFAS also does sponsored posts. Again these are at her own discretion because she only believes in receiving money for posts about brands that she knows, trusts, and believes in. Contact her for prices.

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    12+ UK are proud to present this film, shot by Luca Finotti.
    Laura Catterall stars in this beautiful video inspired by the film ‘La Dolce Vita’ for Italian VOGUE and Elena Miro
    With special thanks to Luca Finotti & Marilena Borgna

    Click on link to view film:

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