Top 5 Faith Hunter Videos To Get Your Self Care Up

Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter

I was looking for yoga slash meditation videos one day during a moment of self care when I found the YouTube channel of Faith Hunter. Faith Hunter is an amazing woman. Her videos are easy to follow and the overall vibe of her channel is calm and serene. She has some guided meditations and a beginner yoga playlist is yoga is something you’re interested in. Below I decided to list some of my favorite Faith Hunter videos.

1. Yoga In Bed

This video is quick and straight to the point. I love doing yoga in bed. It is a great way to relax right before you go to bed or get your body ready for the day as soon as you wake up. This almost 8 minute video is easy to memorize too.

2. Yoga For Flexibility

This is another quick, yet calm and very useful video from Faith. This video is only 10 minutes long, but it is great for those days when you need to do a quick yoga session. It is also great when you are just feeling stiff and tight. I feel like the Yoga in Bed video and the Yoga for Flexibility video are great as a quick yoga combination when used together.

3. Detox Yoga | 25 Min Yoga Flow For Detox

This detox yoga video is great to do anytime of the year, but especially after stressful moments, holidays, and birthdays. Ate too much turkey…do this video. Imbibed in a little too much birthday cocktails…yeah you need this. As a matter of fact, the description of this video states that, ” it is definitely beneficial for those who suffer from IBS, constipation or stomach discomfort.” I plan on doing this detox yoga sequence right before my next cycle.

4. Yoga For Stress Relief (Neck & Shoulders)

Have you been sitting in the office all day, and now you are dreading the ride home? Do you need a quick minute to yourself? Are your neck  and shoulders tight? Do this quick, barely 7 minutes long, yoga sequence. You can even do this one at your desk or on your lunch break.

5. Morning Yoga -Full Body Flow

Sometimes you want to do a full yoga sequence to start the day. This Morning Yoga video is the best because it leaves you energized. The video is also around 12 minutes, so you can get your yoga sess done quickly and be ready to start the day.

Extra Video- Breathe & Meditate: 1-Minute Meditation

This video is so good. It is a simply 1 minute meditation. A lot of times, people love to meditate, but the guided meditation videos on YouTube can be 1 hour to 2 hours long. Yes meditation is for sitting in the moment and being still, but I also have things to do. Another great thing about this video is that Faith’s soothing presence is great for beginners or those who may be a little skeptical of meditation because it is new, scary, and something unknown.

Now go make a playlist of these videos so you can be your best self!


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