The House of Dior Will Survive Without Galliano, While Lanvin Awes

So I guess we can pretty much say that the House of Dior will survive without its genius John Galliano, while Lanvin continues to awe the critics. Looking at the Dior show yesterday, I think we can pretty much say that while the show wasn’t perfect, it was still a pretty fantastic show with elements that we have seen before like big hats, thigh high boots, and pretty fabrics. The part that made me feel some kind of way was when the entire in house design team came out in white lab coats at the end of the show with no John Galliano in sight, which brings me to this little tidbit.

I am just speculating here and pulling on several rumors to come to a conclusion, i.e. do not take my word for fact. It has been rumored that Galliano has suffered from alcoholism for a while now, and he was probably phoning in this collection, which is what it looks like to me. Doesn’t it make you sick to know that a genius like that can still phone in near A + level work? Geez.

Anyway, if you look at Galliano at the last few shows that he has done for the line, he doesn’t look well. Some say that maybe this whole thing was a conspiracy to get him to fall and be fired, who knows, right? Either way, the whole situation was sad. I hope he gets well, and leaves rehab realizing his faults. His own namesake line has been either canceled or scaled down to a presentation. Who knows at this point? There are so many rumors running rampant.

But speaking of rumors, and not that horrible Lindsay Lohan song, I want to talk about Alber Elbaz for a moment. He was rumored to be one of the names thrown in the hat for Galliano’s old position at Dior. Apparently he said no. I don’t blame him. While I think he would do a great job at Dior, everyone seems to think that he is saving himself for Chanel…wouldn’t you? Besides he does such a great job at Lanvin.

This season was so good. Amish hats, classic draping, beautiful jewelry, and awesome shoes. Lanvin is so beautiful. I always say that when I get the money, I will become a Lanvin women. I would be gorgeous everyday of the week. The collection started off mostly noir, with shades of chocolate and rouge thrown in. Then he surprised everyone with a beautifully bright rainbow palette at the end. So beautiful.

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  1. Lanvin has been stunning lately! Why did they have to come out in lab coats? So sad 🙁 I really wonder who will take over for him since he was such a big name and personality for the Christian Dior brand.

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