I Finally Went to Motor Supply Company’s Make Your Own Bacon Workshop

motor supply company make your own bacon workshop

I’ve wanted to go to the see what Motor Supply Company’s  Make Your Own Bacon Workshop or the awesomely titled #baconrumpus was about for so long. I missed the event so many times I thought that I would never get there, or they would cancel it before I could find time in my schedule to go. A lot of people myself included say that there is nothing to do in Columbia. For the most part, this is true…but things are changing. When in the last decade have you heard of a make your own bacon event with complimentary cocktails and appetizers in Columbia?

motor supply company bistro make your own bacon workshop

The Make Your Own Bacon Workshop at Motor Supply Company is fun, great to do with friends or a date, and just plain interesting. Motor Supply’s executive chef Tim Peters teaches all ticket holders a lesson in bacon history. Believe it or not, the history of bacon is actually very fascinating. Who knew? Then he goes over the seasonings, which range from dried figs to cinnamon to coffee to other herbs, spices, and mystical ingredients. Seriously. There was spice labeled “Death”.

After that Chef Peters tells you how to make your bacon, which is locally sourced by the way, he gives you a chance to cure your bacon at home, but he recommends you leave the bacon there to cure in his kitchen for a month. During that time, he will smoke your bacon and then give you a call in about a month so you can pick it up. The event happens twice a year with tickets at $60 a person and $20 for each additional hunk of bacon. You only get to get to get three hunks though. Check out Motor Supply Company on the web, and follow them for details on the next Make Your Own Bacon Workshop.

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