Manifest This! New Moon in Libra Ritual

New Moonin Libra Ritual

New Moonin Libra Ritual

Happy Libra new moon! Asiah Mae is back with another moon ritual for you. This time she is giving us a new moon in Libra ritual so we can make the most of this lovely moon energy. Don’t forget to check out Asiah Mae’s other cool projects like For the Scribes and illvibethetribe.Thank you Asiah Mae and check out her last guest post!

Libra is all about balance, and if your 2017 has been anything like mine then this energy is welcomed! With Jupiter in Scorpio, the universe is on our behinds about committing to our goals and buckling down, but the new moon poses the questions: how do you plan on balancing it all? What is really worthy of your time? In the next year, how can you commit to not spreading yourself too thin in order to accomplish your goals? Use this energy to get it done! Below is a ritual I’ve used before and I’ve grown to love, I hope it helps!

New Moon in Libra Ritual

This ritual is very simplistic, as I mainly focus on beginners. I also tend to do things in 3s because 3 is a number closely connected with the universe, and personal number of love for me.

You’ll need:

3 pink and/or white candles (3 total)
A bowl of water
A space clear of negative energy.

Start by clearing your space, using your choice method of cleansing (sage, incense, Palo santo.)
Set your space with pink and white, this would be a good time for rose quartz and moon stones, opals and selenite. These two colors are for purity and love (Libra’s stones are also opal and pink tourmaline). You can surround yourself with anything, but if you choose not to that’s also ok. Just make sure your space is clear and comfortable.

Light each of the your candles. Take your paper and write this karma free clause at the top “I release these things from my life for the greatest good of all concerned, and I welcome in the things that are meant for me.”

Take your time with writing, and be detailed. Intentions are just that, intentional. Don’t be afraid to dream big! When you are done, write “So it is, so it shall be” to seal your letter. Then read your list out loud. Imagine a soft pink light surrounding you as you cast your intentions out to the universe. Hold on to this list until the next full moon, and then burn it. Place your crystals in the bowl of water and leave them out overnight to cleanse. Happy Manifesting!

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New Moonin Libra Ritual

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