Outre Has The Best Half Wigs For Natural Hair!?!?!


It is that time of the year again where I start to look for some wigs to use as protective styles for my natural hair. Half wigs are great because they are easy, usually cheap, low maintenance styles that can protect my natural hair from the cold, dry air. I always start the wig search process by going on YouTube and checking out the latest tutorials and wig hauls. I’ve seen quite a few wig hauls on these new Outre half wigs, and I think these might be the best half wigs for natural hair.

What wigs am I talking about? I’m talking about the Big Beautiful Hair line of half wigs from Outre. Outre came out with a line of half wigs for natural hair based on curl type. Curl type , for non naturals, is how us natural girls define the types of curls that we have on our head. The Big Beautiful Hair line of half wigs from Outre is broken down into three types- 3C Whirly, 4A Kinky, and the 4C Coily. *Now small disclaimer here-Outre also has a line of Big Beautiful Hair pack hair for weaves and lacefronts in the same textures. I am not talking about those right now. I am talking about the half wigs.*

I found them online at different retailers for different prices, but you can surely find them between the prices of $15-25 dollars. I love the colors on these wigs. They are so pretty. The textures are great too. Don’t worry if the texture doesn’t quite match your hair. These half wigs are easily fluffable and most girls have multiple textures or curl patterns in their hair anyway. Also one more thing to note- I am noticing that a few Youtubers are wearing the 4A Kinky backwards or upside down and then switching it around. It has a different look either way that anybody can rock. I also wanted to note that Outre wigs are generally too tight for my big head. I usually have to do the elastic trick where I add elastic to the band on the sides to make it bigger. I don’t have to do that with the Outre half wigs because they are half wigs. They aren’t really supposed to fit near your edges. If you want to try and wear them as a full wig, but the wig is too short on the scalp- try my elastic method. I have a video about it here.

Anywho. Here is a video from Youtuber Kameron Monet showing you each style of the Outre Big Beautiful Hair half wigs and the different styles you can do with them.

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