Preparing Your Skin for Fall and Winter

Summer is almost over, and the days of lounging around under the sun will soon come to an end. Fall will be the start of the cold months which takes a lot of toll on our skin. Here are some tips to help prepare your skin for the new season.

Do Not Forget The Sunblock: Just because the sun isn’t out that much, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t damaging our skin. Due to this notion, people actually tend to damage the skin more during this season. An added bonus of wearing sunblock would be the extra moisture it gives your skin. You can even wear cream-based sunblock which you couldn’t do during the summer.

Block Up!

Switch to Thicker Lotions or Creams: During the summer, we avoided thick creams and lotions because of the heat. The thinner it is, the better. Now that fall is coming up, it’s better to switch to thicker face creams, hand lotions and body lotions. With the frequent temperature changes, from dry and cold outdoors to the warm indoors, the skin tends to lose moisture.  Thicker creams help keep the body moisturized for a longer period.

Dove's Cream Oil is Just right

Don’t Forget Your Hands!: Your hands will be one of the few body parts to experience a lot of temperature changes. Also people always say that your hands tell your age. Keep them looking youthful by applying thick hand creams that will keep them moisturized throughout the day. Avoid washing hands in hot water. This will dry out your hands even more. Stick to warm water and a gentle soap when washing.

Nivea's Hand Cream is Tried and Tested

Keep Your Lips Soft: One of the most annoying things ever is when you get windburn on your lips. They hurt and make your lips crack like crazy. Remember to pile on the chapstick throughout the day. Moisturizing glosses and lipsticks are also the best choice to avoid unsightly cracking. Make sure to also avoid petroleum-based moisturizers. Stick to natural alternatives, like beeswax, instead.

Palmer's Never Fails!

HYDRATE: Sweat is how toxins exit the body. We won’t sweat as much in the Fall as we do during the Summer. It’s best to keep ourselves hydrated in order to help our body flush toxins out. Also, hydrating our insides also means hydrating our outsides. 😉

Bottoms Up!

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  1. I absolutely love Palmer’s for my lips. But a lot of people say it looks like I’m using a glue stick on my lips, lol. 

    One thing that never fails for the colder months also is Vaseline. I know a lot of older people who look younger than their age and all they use is Vaseline!

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