Respect the Introvert!

This video is my ode to the introvert. As an introvert, I love being me. I do not want to be an extrovert, so stop trying to force your extroverted ways on me. There is nothing wrong with being an extrovert, but come on…being an extrovert is not the only way to be in the world. So this video is going to do exactly what the graphic says it is going to do…show you how to care and respect the introvert! Photo from Tumblr.

How to care for Introverts

By thefatandskinnyonfashion

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  1. Hi Jai,
    I remember you from the Carolina Bloggin event a couple years ago! I hope you are well. Thanks for favoriting my tweet about keeping on your site for more than 3 minutes – you’ve definitely kept me here! Cool blog you have!
    Anyway, I am also an introvert, so I totally feel you. I definitely like to sit back and observe before I just jump into conversations with people I don’t know. But despite my introversion, I’ve learned the value of being social and I’ve learned to command the discomfort that comes with putting yourself out there. I’ve decided that I won’t let my shyness rob me of any opportunities. I’ve learned to value my need for privacy – I experience less drama because of it – and I’m sure you understand what I mean. 🙂

    I hope your new camera made pass this video. 🙂 Forgive my ramblings… for some reason I have a lot to say when I can write it out…

    1. Thanks for commenting! There are a ton of people who are introverts. I think if they saw what you wrote their lives would be much better. It is hard to break out of that shell, but once you do that, things are much better.

  2. So, Introverts. I’ve put a lot of time into them one of my kids is. My best friends are. I respect them greatly. I however am NOT an introvert it takes just as much time and effort for an extrovert to learn how to deal with you as it does for you to come out of your shell. When your extroverted friends annoy you think one thing, it is literally insulting to us to be rejected by you NOT associating with us in a public place. We like things that are different from us we find introverts interesting. I don’t like all the attitude. I don’t force myself on my friends who are introverted, but I also try hard to communicate with them to let them know that sometimes I need them to move out of the zone for me and that I will reciprocate by letting them recharge alone. I would never change my introverts I love them all just the way they are, my struggle is being miss understood from the flip side. I can be alone, in fact I enjoy it. I like to paint and write and listen to music alone, BUT I love being with people I charges me in a different way…its nice that God made us all different. I find that my introverts (before we came to an understanding) had attitude about extroverts like they knew better. No, they know different. My process is faster, more emotional and I function differently. A good introvert can move beyond the shell for a half hour for their friends, and a good extrovert can shut off the noise and listen to their introvert. I have learned I have to give them space whether I am having fun or not, but they have learned to make me happy by just giving me some time with them. I have to be content with the time given or I’m not being very understanding am I? Thanks for you post, Just don’t assume we all are trying to ‘drag you out to dance’…i’m the extrovert that would rather sit and talk with you in between the dancing. 🙂

    1. I see where you are coming from, and it is truly great that you understand introverts, but the majority of Americans are introverts. They do not understand us, and some don’t care too. Most people from the school system to tv and the media try to tell people that being an extrovert is better. How many students take personality tests in school that tell them they are introverts and then are asked to change their personalities? Most introverts, including myself, have been asked to dance and do things we don’t want to do. I myself have been physically pulled and dragged onto the dance floor in order to “have fun.” So it is great that you are able to deal with us, but most people don’t.

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