Stretch Out The Stress With JessicaSmithTV


The holidays can be a stressful time. Couple that with the anxiety most people seem to be feeling this year, and it all can be a bit overwhelming. If you are stressed out or looking for a good post workout stretch session try this video from JessicaSmithTV. I’ve been using her workout videos on YouTube for awhile now, and I really like them.

The thing I like about JessicaSmithTV is that they are very quick and effective. You don’t have to spend a hour doing a boring workout. Some of her videos are only 10 minutes long. I also like that she has a lot of different videos to choose from. Maybe I want to do a stretch video like the one below, or a quick walking video, or maybe I want to do some other kind of cardio. If I’m feeling like I need a little bit more, I can mix and match the different videos to kind of use them as a customizable workout.

She has a Healthy for the Holidays workout challenge going on right now, so check that out on her channel.


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