Style Exhibition 2011

Another event that I went to last week was the Style Exhibition. It was put on by 3Jay Productions here in Columbia, SC. It was a three day event, but I could only attend one day. I went to the networking event expecting to meet some of the designers who were showing in the fashion show the next day. I got to meet two of them and speak with some vendors.

michi knitwear

Michi Knitwear

The two designers I met were Valeri Reaves from MyMyApparel and Michele Walden from Michi Knitwear. Both designers make straight and plus sizes, so you know I got excited when I heard that. Both designers were also wearing their wares, so check out the post pictures for a looksee. I also met Gloria Qualls who makes Earth 2 Earth natural beauty products from scratch.



MyMeApparel features comfortable, yet stylish jersey knits with fun details. Michi Knitwear is handmade knitwear that features intricate designs and details. Earth 2 Earth products are natural beauty products that smell so good. I wanted to buy some right then and there, but I didn’t have my cash with me. I can’t wait to try some. Check out all of their websites for more.

Ebony from Make Me Over Eb and Gloria from Earth 2 Earth

Ebony from Make Me Over Eb and Gloria from Earth 2 Earth

Now I am probably going to get a lot of slack for saying this, but I just have to say it. When people have fashion events, they expect you to have a bomb behind event. They expect it to be classy and chic. I know 3Jay Productions meant well, but they have to come better, and it isn’t just them. Everybody that has a fashion event in Columbia has to do their best at all times. The USC Fashion Board’s fashion show was a fab event in a fab location, and I am sure their budget wasn’t bananas like NYFW.

You can do a lot with a little bit of money, trust me I know. Having your event at an old house that doubles as a daycare during the day and event space at night isn’t going to cut it. Having a makeshift bar in said house’s bathroom isn’t going to cut it either. I always say that the fashion center in South Carolina is Charleston, and I will continue to say that into Columbia steps up to the plate. We have got to do better. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.



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