USC Fashion Week Fashion Show 2011

Last week I went to the USC Fashion Board’s Fashion Week Fashion Show. It was the third annual fashion show and the second one that I have attended, and I can honestly say that is was great. I love the 701 Whaley building with all my heart. It is the perfect place to hold an event, and Marquis Bias and all of the other Fashion Board members really know how to produce a great show.

Usc Fashion Week, The Shop Tart

I got to see some of my friends like Shay from Sheen Magazine, Quinn from Viva la Qbee03, and Eb from Make Me Over Eb. I also got to talk to Keisha from Makeup By Kei Kei. Check out her beauty videos on Youtube for great tips. I also got to see the ladies from Flock and Rally and Alicia Barnes from WOLO. I also want to thank The Shop Tart for taking this lovely picture of me and Dwaun from Shopping Savage. I haven’t spoken to him in like 4 or 5 years.  In the picture I am wearing my flatforms that you can’t see, my Gap maxi dress that I need to dye because it is fading, and my Topshop Kimono. If I got to talk to you and I forgot to mention your name, I’m really sorry.

The fashion show consisted on one student designer and a few local boutiques. First I want to thank the local boutiques and sponsors for donating money for the Fashion Board scholarships. They really help students out, especially in these hard financial times. The first line that we saw was from student designer Laura McCall. She is very talented and I hope she gets noticed soon. The outfit she wore featured some shorts that she made. Everyone was commenting on how cute they were. In the video you will see her amazing designs that were inspired by prints and the interior design of grand homes like the Biltmore Estate and European castles and chateaus.

The boutiques that showed were Just the Thing, Bohemian, M Boutique, Van Jean, Britton’s, DeLibel, Coplon’s, and designer LaRoque. The clothes were amazing, and my friend Shay from Greenville wants to plan a shopping trip. In the video some of the boutique’s clothes aren’t shown because they used some of the same models for different stores.

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  1. Ahhh! You look so awesome! The whole outfit is top notch – very fashion editor :), but of course, I have a soft spot in my heart for the bird jacket!

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