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Of Course the New Pieces From Atelier Minyon Are Gorgeous

Atelier Minyon

Atelier Minyon

Of course the new pieces from Atelier Minyon are gorgeous! Why wouldn’t they be. Jewelry designer Alp Sagnak always makes really cool and interesting jewelry. I follow their Facebook page for updates because I love looking at what he is going to come up with next. His imagination and creativity know no bounds, no limits. I am in love with the new pieces that I saw, but there were a few that really caught my eye. I am in love with the mix of gold with rough edges and rough cut diamonds. It kind of reminds me of a battle between good and evil. Anyway, check out the pieces and tell me what you think. Photo from Atelier Minyon.
Even though I was able to view quite a few pieces, here are my favorites:
18K Yellow Gold Angel Wing Earrings with Diamonds
18K Yellow Gold and Oxidized Silver Winged Angel Necklace with 14K Rose Gold Chain
18K and Oxidized Silver Owl Cuff with Diamonds and Garnets

Radiant Jewels From Atelier Minyon

atelier minyon ss12

On Fashions Night Out, before the cops shut down Spring Street, I headed to Atelier Minyon with my good pal Najee Wilson. I introduced him to my friends at the jewelry store. If you follow this blog, you know that I try to visit Atelier Minyon every time I go to New York. The jewelry Alp Sagnak designs is so fantastical, because of the fantasy, Turkish, and rock and roll influences that grace the jewelry. These are a few of the new pieces I saw that night. Some of these pieces are one of a kind. The snake ring in the middle is my favorite because it is so unexpected and you can wear it on two fingers. If you are interested in jewelry from Atelier Minyon, check out the website.

TFAS Shop Tours: Atelier Minyon

Today’s post is about the lovely jewelry at Atelier Minyon. By the way, sorry for the delay in posting. The day I was supposed to come back from NYC, my flight was delayed. I was also really drained from the fashion week experience. I have been doing so much laundry and homework that my mind is going crazy. Because of that I hope you don’t mind if I skip reporting on London Fashion Week, which sucks because London usually has the most fun fashions. I will start covering Fashion Week again when Milan starts later in the week and finish with Paris.

OK!!! So enough about that and more about Atelier Minyon. I love the people at Atelier Minyon because they are always so nice, and the jewelry is always so interesting, remember the bone bracelet from last September. Totally cool right?!?!? Yup it is.

atelier minyon

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