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Today’s post is about the lovely jewelry at Atelier Minyon. By the way, sorry for the delay in posting. The day I was supposed to come back from NYC, my flight was delayed. I was also really drained from the fashion week experience. I have been doing so much laundry and homework that my mind is going crazy. Because of that I hope you don’t mind if I skip reporting on London Fashion Week, which sucks because London usually has the most fun fashions. I will start covering Fashion Week again when Milan starts later in the week and finish with Paris.

OK!!! So enough about that and more about Atelier Minyon. I love the people at Atelier Minyon because they are always so nice, and the jewelry is always so interesting, remember the bone bracelet from last September. Totally cool right?!?!? Yup it is.

atelier minyon

This time I actually got to meet the designer, Alp Sagnak, who was really nice. He does a great job of designing jewelry that on one hand has a opulent look that is straight out of an Orthodox church and on the other has this evil rock and roll edge to it. That is what I love about this brand. There is a mix between good and evil, light and dark, and it all blends together perfectly.

atelier minyon

Atelier Minyon has this Winged Mermaid Collection with 18K with Diamonds that costs $5000-7800. They are such beautiful pieces. I couldn’t get enough of them. You can wear them as a ring or on a necklace. They also have these black diamond wedding rings. It sounds so weird, but is so right. I love black diamonds and they way the diamond is wrapped around this gold leaf is gorgeous. They are around $4800-14,000.

atelier minyon

I also loved the brown diamond earrings. I had no idea there was such a thing as a brown diamond. I had seen yellow, black, and the regular white diamond we all know, but never brown. They costs around $1500-2500. That was something new for me to see and I loved it. Atelier Minyon has some great one of kind pieces, so if you are interested in jewelry that nobody else will have, check them out.

If you want to visit them, check them out at this address:
55 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012
Tel: (646) 478-7220 Fax: (646) 478-8081

Visit the Atelier Minyon website or connect via twitter.

Thanks Erin for the pictures and the shop tour!

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