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TFAS Review- Bobbi Boss IndiRemi Ocean Wave Remi

So you may have seen a few tweets from me about my new sew-in. I never thought I would get a sew-in, but my mom really wanted me to try something different. Since I convinced her to get a new do, I too had to change it up. Anyway…I have a serious love hate relationship with this hair. My stylist and I bought two packs of the BOBBI BOSS Indi Remi OCEAN WAVE in a color 1 and 14 inches. It looked great the first few days. Now it seems dry and looks a mess. I tried to put a little heat in it to give the fallen curls more bounce. I put a few light drops of oil in it, and I twist it and braid it up at night. The only thing that has restored some moisture and stopped it from tangling up is the Softsheen Carson Weave Care Superior Care Featherlight Detangler. This product has been heaven sent. Tonight I am going to wash my roots with Organic Root Stimulator Herbal Cleanse Latherless Shampoo and then wash the weave with Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo, Curls and Waves, 10.1 oz. and Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Conditioner, Curls and Waves, 12 oz.. Both products were mentioned numerous times on Youtube as great products for this hair. Watch the video for more commentary from moi!

Beauty Bit- How to Clean the Hair Under Your Weave

A lot of women wear weaves and extensions, and a lot of them know how to deep condition the hair once a week. But how many of you weave wearing sistas know how to wash the hair braided under your extensions. There are a lot of confusing/convoluted ways to do this, but I finally found a YouTube video that shows an extremely plain and simply way to cleanse the hair under your weave. All she does is scrub the dry shampoo on her braids with a towel and blow dries for extra penetration. It is so easy peasy.

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