Beauty Bit- How to Clean the Hair Under Your Weave

A lot of women wear weaves and extensions, and a lot of them know how to deep condition the hair once a week. But how many of you weave wearing sistas know how to wash the hair braided under your extensions. There are a lot of confusing/convoluted ways to do this, but I finally found a YouTube video that shows an extremely plain and simply way to cleanse the hair under your weave. All she does is scrub the dry shampoo on her braids with a towel and blow dries for extra penetration. It is so easy peasy.

This is the product she uses to clean the hair underneath her weave. I love Organic Root Stimulator products. They usually work wonders on my hair. I also love dry shampoos. This is definitely something I would try on my hair with or without weave! Plus the ORS Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoos is only $4.79.

Video from MsDavoice1.

By thefatandskinnyonfashion

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