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Who Got Flava Hair Show

On Sunday, I along with Make Me Over Eb and XO Gallivanting Boy went to the Who Got Flava Hair Show at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, and we had a BLAST!!! It was a far cry from the hair show last week. This show was more along the lines of a Bronner Brothers type hair show event. I mean you know the salons had to bring it if they were going to win $10,000!

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Night in Paris Hair Show

Tonight I went to the Night in Paris Hair Show. I’ve been to hair shows in the past, and it had been a while, so I was excited to attend.

The show was very interesting. It was held at the Columbia Metropolitain Convention Center. There were a lot of vendors and attendence was great. There was a lot going on though.

The show didn’t seem as organized as it should have been. The DJ had to start the music over for several different acts. We couldn’t hear the mic over the music. The lights kept turning on and off at the wrong time.

The motivational speaker had a great message, but the message was lost because people were looking for excitement not a business sermon. The barber competition was more exciting. I loved looking at the barbers create designs in under 14 mins.