Who Got Flava Hair Show

On Sunday, I along with Make Me Over Eb and XO Gallivanting Boy went to the Who Got Flava Hair Show at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, and we had a BLAST!!! It was a far cry from the hair show last week. This show was more along the lines of a Bronner Brothers type hair show event. I mean you know the salons had to bring it if they were going to win $10,000!

The student competitions, barber competitions, and make up competitions along with a phenomenal host broke up the time in between each major salon hair battle. Nothing was stale or full of dead air. The crowd, which had to be in the thousands if not at least a few hundreds, was pumped and excited throughout the night.

While most of the competitors in the major hair battle last night were supreme in my eyes, stylist Richard Sims won the competition. Apparently the judges were in awe of his work, as was the crowd. Last night was a blast for us. We really had a ball. I can’t wait for the next Who Got Flava Hair Battle. It is already scheduled for November 11, 2012.

Check out my other videos from the event on SocialCam!

By thefatandskinnyonfashion

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