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Trend Report: Fur

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No longer just for grande dames, fur has made a huge comeback this season. While most girls are choosing a fur vest as their piece du jour, there are other ways to add a touch of the luxe stuff to your wardrobe. A Russian fur hat, fur trimmed gloves and coats, fur lined boots, and of course (une favorite de moi)  a chunky fur coat.

Go Faux

While there is nothing more feminine and sexy than fur (it just begs to be stroked and touched no?) please keep it faux. There are so many great faux furs out there that are identical to the real thing that there is no reason to harm the animals.

A few things to look for in a faux fur:

Make sure it’s soft. It shouldn’t feel rough, coarse or like it was shaved off the back of a teddy bear.

Colors are fun, but keeping it natural also keeps it classic so you will get more wear out of your purchase.

If there is a pattern (leopard, zebra, ect.) it should be irregular across the fabric. Nothing in nature is perfect, so evenly spaced dots or stripes are a  dead give-away that it’s fake.

Ski Bunny for Economics Class

Ski Bunny

Ski Bunny by erind90 featuring suede booties

Grande Dame’s Night Out

Grande Dame

Grande Dame by erind90 featuring a cotton jersey dress

One Vest Two Ways

The vest

The vest by erind90 featuring a full skirt

Erin at Pixel Perfect

Trend Report: Wide Leg Trousers

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This runway season might as well have been called “the year of the pants”. All kinds of pants were shown, from slim to tapered to slouchy to wide leg, but more importantly they were not just leggings and skinny denim, but real, grown-up trousers.

Most of them were shown in tropical wool or silk, and one of the most popular cuts was the wide leg trouser straight from the 70’s. However, for a young, fresher feel skip the wool and pick a denim instead.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Most women are worried that they are too short, too wide or just afraid to wear trousers in general after spending so long in skinny denim. But really, they are easier to pull off than expected. And as always, a good fit is half the battle.

If your butt is more correctly called a petite bum, try a high waisted rise as it will lift everything and make you appear curvier.

If you are already curvy or don’t need to add anything to your rear, try a rise that hits at the hip, but that is still higher in the back than you are used to. These are trousers, not skinny jeans, so the waist should be more conservative.

To make sure that it doesn’t look schlumpy, choose a style that it is very fitted through the waist and butt area, nothing it less flattering than pants that just hang off the hip.

A simple test to see if they are snug enough: you should be able to fit a thumb (no more) under the waist band of jeans because cotton stretches and relaxes with wear. For a wool or material with no give, you should be able to fit two fingers under the waist band.

If you are wary of the trend, choose a classic dark wash with five-pocket styling and skip any cuffing. These are the most classic and flattering style of trouser jeans.   

 A fail safe combo is a pair of  platform pumps with the hem just brushing the ground, creating the illusion of mile-long legs. Of course, a kitten heel will work too, but beware of wearing them with flats as the width (without the height) visually shortens your legs.

So how do you wear these?

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Night

Erin at Pixel Perfect

Gray Nails

Lately, we’ve seen them everywhere. On models on the runway, on magazine covers and inside them. The gray nail polish.

It’s one of those colors that look great on every skin color, and one of fall’s biggest trends when it comes to nails.

A perfect example of this is of course Lady Gaga’s cover on Vanity Fair. Her shade is so light gray it’s almost see-through.

If you’d want to try making your own nails gray for a change (and this time, it’s a good thing), try OPI’s Give Me the Moon. I think OPI’s nail polish is the absolute best, and worth every penny.

-Sofie at Ok,Bowtie

This Is Better Than That Shirt Grandma Knits Every Year…

You know every Christmas you always get one of those ugly knitted sweaters from your grandma?  Well, not this year.

This Christopher Kane sweater is perfect for the holiday season and beautiful with its embroidered front and sleeves. The entire collection is wonderful and very folklore inspired, and for the first time I think of it in a good way.

-Sofie at Ok,Bowtie

Snuggle Up With Knits

I don’t know if you all know this, but I love to snuggle up with my knits in the winter time. I have a ton of scarves, gloves, mittens, and hats. I learned how to knit my freshman year of college. Then life happened, and I am happy to say that I have picked the hobby back up again 5 years later. Knitting is like a stress reliever for me. I only do it for only a few minutes to an hour, but it does the trick. If you want to knit, Wool and the Gang, Knitting Help, and Knit in the Loop are great resources.




If knitting isn’t your thing, you can still support some indie artist by buying their wares. Yokoo and Taylor House are great indie knitting options on both ends of the price spectrum. They make awesome scarves, gloves, hats, and other knitted accessories like puff ball headbands and snoods in great colors.

taylor house


Taylor House

Trend Report: The 50’s

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While Fall ’09 saw the return of the 80’s, Fall ’10 is all about the 50’s silhouette. While it can come across as costumey if it isn’t your usual look, this is actually an incredibly flattering and traditional feminine style that everyone should try at least once.

Focus Girl

The main part of this look is the focus on the waist. The 50’s style is characterized by the nipped in waists which accentuate or give the appearance of Jessica Rabbit-esque curves.  So make sure that the waist is fitted at your natural waist (above the bellybutton but below the ribcage) and that’s half the look right there.

A Little or A Lot

But that’s not to say that just because you’re wearing a fitted and flared skirt means you need to pull out the kitten heels and pearls. To keep the look from becoming a period costume, pair your 50’s silhouette with modern accessories, such as a pair of converse sneakers or your favorite tee.

Flatter the Figure

If you listen to nothing else, hear this: THIS IS ONE SERIOUSLY FLATTERING TREND. It balances out a large bust, covers a large bum, or even if you’re straight as a rod it will help you fake some va-va-voom.

So my dears, how 50’s will you go?

Just a touch

A little

A little by erind90 featuring a vneck dress

Here’s a nod

Full on 50’s

A lot

A lot by erind90 featuring topshop tops


Erin at Pixel Perfect

Stefanie Bezaire’s New Fall Collection Is Eco Chic

Stefanie Bezaire’s new fall collection is full of hot fashion and cool recycled materials. You can expect fabrics like Organic Cotton, Bamboo,Recycled Polyester, Tencel, Linen, Silk and Wool. The  range goes from size 12 on up to size 20.

I am really excited for this collection because there are some really cute items. I am already in love with the Angled Scoop Neck Tee and the Pleated Pants. The Floral Print Blouse is my favorite piece in the whole collection. You can buy the clothes towards the end of November.

stephanie bezairestephanie bezairestephanie bezaire
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Cheap and Chic for All Sizes

This sweater from Alloy is cheap and chic for all sizes. It is a cute off the shoulder sweater that comes in three classic colors, and is perfect for fall or winter. Sizes range from XS to XXXL. XS-XL costs $36.90 and XXL- XXXL costs $38.90. I love Alloy, but I hate that the bigger the size, the more the sweater costs. Walmart and other stores do that too.

Anyway, this is the kind of sweater I would wear to a family holiday dinner. Thanksgiving is coming up for all of my American readers, so now would be the perfect time to stock up on this sweater. Alloy is also having a sweater sale right now,so this really is the perfect time to stock up on sweater before its too late.

Printed Tights For Fall

I can’t wear my printed tights, here in South Carolina, because fall came for a week, and then left us with some 80 degree weather. Just as soon as I put out my sweaters, I had to put them back. For those of you who are actually experiencing fall-like weather, you all can wear printed tights.

Printed tights are great because they make you wardrobe fun, make old outfits look new, and keep your legs warm. I put a few options down below so you can get an idea on style, price, and see stores that carry printed tights.

Think (Faux) Mink!

Seriously $3000 for a fur vest? Get outta here. I’m a huge advocate for saving a buck or two, and I know I’m extremely positive when I say I’m not paying thousands of dollars to rock a piece of animal skin on my back. Especially knowing the harm it does to those poor animals. However, lately I’ve been seeing tons of fur (faux fur that is!) on racks all over the mall; ranging from jackets, hoodies and vests. What I’m digging most about this trend is that it’s so versatile and you can dress it up with a pair of black leggings and clogs or down with your favorite motorcycle boots and skinnys.

Kensie ‘Shaggy’ Faux Fur Vest

Natural Faux Fur Vest

Grey Leopard Spot Fur Collar Scarf

All Over Faux Fur Trapper Hat

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture

Who’s Rockin Combat Boots this Season?

Joie Tall Lace Up Boot

GUESS “Sensation” Lace-Up Combat Boots

As you guys may know, NYC fashion week is starting and I, like so any other fashion obsessed individuals, am extremely excited and estatic. Fashion week marks the beginning of fall fashion and since it occurs in the same week as Labor Day, I guess it’s safe to say that fall is officially here and ready to take action. I love the fall season because I’m a huge boot lover; and what better time to buy a pair of funky boots than the fall? Since the weather’s cooling down; boots should be a MUST on every girl’s shopping list this month. A hot shoe trend that is making it way from the runway to the sidewalk is the laced-up combat boots. Although motorcycle boots were huge last year, the laced-up combat boots are just simply cuter, more durable and way more stylish. With the whole military-wear trend going on, laced up combat boots are so in this season.

Restricted Combat Boot

Crazy for Leopard Prints

Leopard Molly Bag by Pauls B

DIVA Leopard Wellies

Autumn by far has to be the best season of the year. The weather is nice, the trees are beautiful, everyone’s back to school and fashion is at its peak. What makes fall fashion better than any other fashions throughout the year is that fall marks a new year for fashion trends. Many designers and fashionistas aren’t afraid to let their claws out and embrace their inner-divas by rockin’ something new and exclusive. Although I’m not huge on animal prints, I do love me some leopard (in moderation of course!) and luckily for me leopard is back and in full effect this fall. RAWRRR!!!

Grey Pink Leopard Spot Cropped Cardigan

Motel Leopard Print Cage Back Dress

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture

Pre-Fall/ Early Fall 2010 Top Trends and Ready To Wear Looks

Every new season I put together a little sketchbook full of the latest casual trends that are ready-to-wear and easy to attain. I usually use UO catalogs because I get 2 sent to my house everytime (so it’s a lot easier to cut them up and feel guilt free because I save EVERYTHING). Cliche as it may be UO has stepped up it’s game over the past few years and it becomes more and more refined as time goes on. (Too bad the prices become more refined as well). So here are a few pages describing some top trends, looks, and key pieces that everyone should look into for the fall season coming up.

Also I strongly recommend to anyone to make this a habit. Buy yourself some nice little sketchbooks and keep your ideas on hand at all times. It keeps you focused on what you really like and avoids those moments where you buy something and never end up wearing it because you weren’t as fond of it as you though you were. Only keep the things that really catch your attention and you fall in love with. And do it every season to keep up with the progression of trends and so you can notice the directions in which things are going. Even if you just write some comments do it. It’s incredibly useful and it’s fun!

-Angelena We Are Hipster Scum

Socialite Tinsley Mortimer Designs Bags For Samantha Thavasa

For Fall 2010, Tinsley designed a selection of modern silhouettes imbued with stylistic influences from the 1980s, all reminiscent of early rock glitz. The collection is crafted from soft leathers with silver metallic hardware, and includes five glam silhouettes infused with lingerie, lace and corsets. All products will be available at the Samantha Thavasa boutique on Madison Avenue and samathathavasausa.com.

All the bags are named after 80s rock bands like Metallica and Def Leopard. All the bags are over $200. The Chanel inspired White Snake and Poison bags are $350 and $295. I think my favorite is the Poison bag because it comes in tan, blue, and black. You can also wear it with a number of things.


White Snake

Kate Spade For The Win

Kate Spade has one of the most fun and cuteable fall lines out. Everything is so colorful and 50s chic.  One of their new bags is really amazing. It is a great bag with lots of space inside and looks great with jeans or a dress! The Five Points Camille comes in Tangerine,Antquebrnz, and Graphite. The bag is $475. I won’t lie, that is expensive but it is a good quality bag.

Check out the bag’s features:

  • smooth, shiny italian goathide with matching trim
  • handheld or removable, crossbody strap with zippered closure
  • interior zip pocket and double slide pockets
  • 14-karat light gold plated hardware and feet
  • custom woven saint elmo stripe print on silk faille
  • 14-karat light gold plated ksny signature staple
  • imported
  • style # PXRU1862
  • 6.5″ drop length
  • 10.8″h x 13.2″w

I Am Really Digging Cocktail Rings

I am not usually into jewelry, but I have been digging cocktail rings all of a sudden. I don’t know what is going on with me, but I love these rings. The stones, the metals, the designs are really speaking to me. ASOS has a great selection of rings with awesome prices, so you don’t break the bank. Check them out here.

ASOS Statement Cocktail Ring With Woven Metal Shank $14.48

ASOS Vintage Style Faceted Stone Ring With Engraved Cut Out Shank Detail $13.48

ASOS Statement Vintage Style Teardrop Cocktail Ring With Engraved Shank Detail $20.22

ASOS Enamelled Ring With Metal Surround 

European Fashion Trends – Fall/ Winter Collections 2010/2011 Part 2

3rd trend: Revival of the 50’s and 80’s

Although these eras are long ago, nearly every decade celebrates its comeback, sooner or later. This fall it’s the 50’s and 80’s turn.

Derivation of the 80’s Wall Street look:

A new type of woman created a furor in those times: the successful businesswoman. In 1988, Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver taught the business world the true meaning of fear in their movie “Working Girl”. And to show the women’s toughness, many men’s clothing classics got adopted to the female wardrobe.


The look is very businesslike. Coats, chemises and cravats are a pretty good investment. Typical 80’s: classical shapes & shoulder pads. To mix it up, mini-skirts can help to interpret the look in a female way. Noble hats cap the look.

Hermès look


Derek Lam


50’s look:

The characteristic silhouette is defined with small tops and wide flared skirts. A plunging neckline caters for modern sexiness. Very hip: slinky bustiers or a basic t-shirt combined with a skirt. Moreover, former floral prints get replaced by modern art-appeal.

Louis Vuitton:




4th trend: Baroque ‘n ‘ Roll


In the 60’s, musicians like Jimi Hendrix knew how to play to the gallery, and they mixed glam outfits with quillings, velvet and brocade. The style carried forward to the 80’s and now. You definitively must have a look at the video clip “Prince Charming” by “Adam and the Ants”.


Precious brocade and sparkling gold threats come to the fore. The stylistic dimension varies from baroque-inspired glory to the sixties look and the shimmering 70’s disco style. Who doesn’t like to be that sparkish: A minimalistic combination of black and gold sets priorities without gaudiness.



Isabel Marant


-Sabrina La Belle Fleurie

European Fashion Trends – Fall/ Winter Collections 2010/2011 Part 1

Soon, fall will replace summer. Many fashionistas are curious about which trends the new fall/winter collections will reveal. For all those who cannot wait any longer, I started to research a little bit about this season’s fashion trends in Europe, and this is what I discovered.

According to the motto “opposites attract”, this fall is a multifaceted mix of draperies, patterns and styles. Traditional costumes get suitable for everyday use, minimalism gets reduced to the maximum and sweet school girl outfits coexist with vintage suits à la Wall Street. The 80’s masculinity meets the charming fifties, and rock star outfits are commingled with baronial glam to a baroque mix.

1st trend: Minimalistic chic


With its seeds in art and architecture, this trend traces back to the German Bauhaus era of 1919. The principle “Reduce to the max” adverts to reclaim clean lines and simplicity over an excess of ornaments. Later, it made its way as a mindset in fashion in the 30s with Marlene Dietrich as an outrider. Today, minimalism is an inherent part of the fashion scene.


This mindset alludes to the basics. Imaginative shapes displace colourful prints. Brands like Chloé or Michael Kors tend to use fawn or shades of brown which can be variegated.


Michael Kors runway look leads us to the next fall/winter trend.
2nd trend: wool & shag / Norwegian style


Believe me or not, but this trend emerged due to the English royal dynasty. In 1922, the Prince of Wales wore a pullover with a Norwegian style on a golf tournament and made it socially accepted. In ancient times, the colourful patterns had a certain symbolic meaning: Mainly, they were worn by fishermen or peasants and were a distinctive mark of families or counties.


This season, wool cardigans and pullovers are extremely casual, but debonair. Whether  you like trumpet sleeves or Norwegian pullovers, this year fall gets inspired by Nordic patterns.

Really in: Woollen costumes with elegant pencils skirts (combined with lace at the runway shows of Dolce & Gabbana). Another winterly eye-catcher: Flashy colourful stripes.


Woolen look by Donna Karan


-Sabrina La Belle Fleurie