New York Fashion Week Day Three

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New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 is looking pretty good. I haven’t seen many collections that would make me say “Ummm what was that about?” There were a few but not as many as the Spring shows. Some of those shows were dreadful, but who knows? We are only on day three. Photos from
Christian Siriano is moving quite along after winning Project Runway. You don’t see many of the winners, or non-winners for that matter, doing much after the show. Only a handful make a successful career or build unto their old career after the show. Christian’s collection was full of sophisticated dresses and pants for grown and confident women. I love the structured jackets. There was something very architectural about them. I also adored the evening gowns that blew many people who live tweeted the show away.
Canadian Jeremy Laing truly knows how to layer clothing. I suppose all those frigid Canadian winters taught him a thing or two. Pants, leggings, over-the-knee boots, shirts, and fur coats were expertly layered just enough to see each piece. Obviously the over-the-knee boot and the short body conscious dress aren’t going anywhere. The graphic prints on the fabrics added something different to the mix as well.

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