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A Devine Night Out Was Amazing

A Devine Night Out

Last night I went downtown to A Devine Night Out. It was Columbia’s version of Fashions Night Out and I had a blast. Every store on Devine Street was open and full of people. Shop owners served drinks and snacks as shoppers perused racks of clothes, and restaurants stayed open to provide people with warm food. I wish I had stopped in one of those restaurants. Everyone looked so warm and toasty, but I stuck to the shops. There was also a nice raffle with great prizes from local spots.
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Visit Make Me Over Eb’s Girls Night Out at Revente’s Last Call

Check out this video from Make Me Over Eb’s Girls Night Out Event last month. You will find me and others getting makeovers at jewelry store Handpicked. It was a lot of fun and now you can have fun too. Eb is hosting another Girls Night Out Event. This time it is at Revente’s Last Call. If you haven’t heard of Revente’s Last Call, it is by the owner of designer consignment store Revente. Revente’s Last Call is a store where the proceeds go to charity.

Girls Night Out (Thursday, Nov 11, 5:30pm – 7pm) at Revente’s Last Call (3015 Millwood Ave, Columbia, SC 29205)