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A. Z. Araujo MBFW SWIM 2013

Yesterday was the finale for MBFW SWIM 2013. One of the collections that showed yesterday was A. Z. Araujo.The beautiful tropical inspired collection had something for men and women. While the collection was full of prints-a major runway trend- the men’s collection featured speedos and teeny tiny shorts. The women’s collection covered up a little more, but not much with skimpy bikinis and cut-outs. Thanks Josh for helping me cover MBFW SWIM 2013. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Red Carter MBFW SWIM 2013

The Red Carter show was gorgeous! I wish I could have been there in person, but Josh is really helping me out with these visuals! The Red Carter swimwear gave me Brazil and Rio de Jeneiro Carnival! The line looked fun and exciting. There weren’t any bland moments. I also loved the prints and the use of yellows, golds, reds, and oranges. Those colors look great on every skin tone. This show had some great monokinis as well. I guess I really need to jump on this trend.


The L*SPACE show was another great MBFW SWIM 2013 show. There was a swimsuit and dress that looked like they had some piping on them which was really interesting. I liked that look a lot because I haven’t seen that on many swimsuits recently. The coverups and maxi dresses were really cute too. I like how some of the swimsuits and dresses had prints on them. I also noticed that the color orange was used again, so look out for orange swimsuits next year. My favorite part of the collection were the high waisted bikini briefs. I love a good old retro bikini. High waisted bikinis are great because you can wear a bikini and get a little more coverage… just like a monokini. I have been seeing a lot of high waisted bikinis the past few seasons, especially this summer. This might be a trend you’ll want to try before the summer is done!

Chloe Spring 2013 at MBFW SWIM 2013

When I got the email yesterday that they were going to show the Chloe Spring 2013, I knew I had to get my Miami correspondent down there. The show looked absolutely gorgeous! My personal faves were the maxi skirt and off the shoulder white tee combos. That is something I can totally try now. I can’t wait!

Aqua di Lara at MBFW SWIM 2013

The Aqua di Lara show was a really cute show. I liked that the designer incorporated geometric color blocking and strategic cut outs in her swimwear. I am seeing a lot of monokinis in the shows. One of my best friends loves monokinis. They have all the sexiness of bikini, but they cover up like a one-piece. These monokinis from Aqua di Lara have great cut outs in the front and back. The geometric color blocking designs show on the front. I’m in love.

MBFW SWIM 2013- Lisa Blue

I am so lucky to have my friend stylist extraordinaire Josh Ratliff cover MBFW Swim 2013 for me. Last night he sent me a few clips from the Lisa Blue show. The swimwear was so gorgeous, and the show was fantastic. It was full of salsa dancers, surfboards, and crazy head dresses. I love the cut of the swim bottoms. They showed just enough skin to be extra sexy, but they weren’t over the top skimpy. Some gals want sex appeal with coverage. One of my favorite swimsuits was a white and gold Grecian Goddess looking one piece with flowing sleeves. I wish I could be in Miami right now!

Tibi and Isaac Mizrahi Spring 2011 Show Review

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Tibi show (thanks to a friend) and the Isaac Mizrahi show (which I’ve wanted to attend since seeing Unzipped as a little girl). Both shows were amazing, and I am not just saying that because I was there. I really mean it. The clothes were beautiful and very spring like, and you guys know how I feel about collections being presented for the season that they are in. I was going to put up my finale runway videos, but my flip messed up the lighting. Photos from Style.com.
Tibi Spring 2011
First up is Tibi. Amy Smilovic really knows what women that want to look nice, but not too fussy want to wear. The colors were black, khaki, tangerine, white, gold, mustard, and one purple piece that really fit in in the middle of the collection. Cute sundresses, cropped pants, and flowy dresses made me long for spring even though summer was ending. Everything about this collection, and the Isaac Mizrahi collection, just screamed femininity.  The little spring coats were cute too. Perfect for spring!
Isaac Mizrahi Spring 2011
Isaac Mizrahi was gorgeous of course. He always knows how to dress a woman in clothes that make statements, clothes that don’t overpower the wearer. You would have to be very gutsy to wear these prints, but with the way they are designed, you wouldn’t be competing with the dress for attention. The last floral printed dress look left me gasping. Two of the young ladies sitting next to me kept commenting on how great everything looked. It was just too spectacular for words.

One Stop Plus Brings Plus Size Fashion To New York Fashion Week

During the middle of New York Fashion Week, I went to Rose Hall at Lincoln Center where the wonderful people at Onestopplus.com got together to create a plus size fashion show at New York Fashion Week. That is something that many thought would never happen, but it did. Gabby Sidibe, Nikki Blonsky, Caroline Manzo, celebrity stylist and author Phillip Bloch, Marie Claire columnist Ashley Falcon, and designer Monif C were in attendance. Fashion bloggers Gabi from Young, Fat and Fabulous, Tiffany from The Fat Shopaholic, and Christina from The Musings of a Fatshionista were also there. Models Lizzie Miller, Toccara Jones and Ashley Graham walked in the show, while Emme, Whitney Thompson, and Fluvia Lacerda watched from their seats in the audience.

The clothes were stunning. Everyone there was pleasantly surprised by how trendy, beautiful, and flattering the clothes were. The collection was divided into four parts called Artisan Drape, Acquatica Lace, Ethereal Denim, Cargo Femme, and Guilded Shine. The Belle Epoque collection featured soft pastel and sherbet colors for spring. Light, airy fabrics were shaped into not so short shorts, practical tanks, flowing maxi dresses, breezy tops, beautiful embellished blouses, and carrot pants.

The designers really thought about this collection. They didn’t design with the muu-muu in mind. They designed for the plus size woman who is ready for a life of style. Everyone was left wondering when and if these too good to be true clothes would go on the One Stop Plus website. I, for one, hope that not only do these clothes go online, but I hope that they stage another fashion show next season and make this a permanent thing.

More NYFW Show Reviews

Some people are saying that the shows have been boring and bland this year, but I am a fan. I think a lot of these collections are really good, better than some other years. Maybe it is because I am looking at the things that designers have done in the past as opposed to looking at the season as a whole, lumping all designers together. Because I can’t get to my computer to do collages, we are going to try slideshows. Please tell me if you like the slideshows more than the collages that I make. Photos from Vogue.com.
Marc Jacobs Spring 2011
Marc Jacobs was a ball of colorful 70s glamour.  Everything was wild, crazy, and bright. No minimalism here at all. Light fabrics, satins and silks, big hats, and big slits reigned supreme for this collection.
Sophie Theallet Spring 2011
Sophie Theallet was beautiful, colorful, and feminine. The details in this collection are really breathtaking. I really loved the way that everything looked like how a spring collection should be. I loved Rodarte and Nikolas K, but I feel like spring collections should look like they belong in the spring, not the fall.
Rodarte Spring 2011

Jai Reporting Live From New York Fashion Week

I have some great posts for you that probably won’t be made until Friday, unless I have some time tonight, because I will be driving back to Columbia after the Isaac Mizrahi show, instead of flying back to help my aunt out with her move. I went to some great showrooms while I was here. I can’t wait to show you some of the jewelry from Atelier Minyon.

I met some designers from my school. Hopefully they will send me some of their information, so I can show you their work. I also got some pictures from new designer Washington Roberts and some video from the Tibi show, although that video might be a little bright.

Also can we talk about how I saw Kanye West, Jason Sudeikis, and Cynthia Rowley walking around NYC the other day. I even nodded and Kanye and he actually said “What’s Up!” Can you talk about starstruck. I have also seen Robbie Meyers from Elle, Nina Garcia-who makes a pretty pregnant women, the blogger from WhereDidYouGetThat, and I also saw this famous fashion journalist whose name escapes me:( .

Photo taken with my camera phone.

More Fashion Week Review Madness

This post is a continuation of this post and this post and this post. Photos from Style.com.

The clothes from Band of Outsiders was very preppy, which is perfectly ok because it was full of the preppy basics that aren’t bland and hold your attention. This is what brands like Abercrombie and American Apparel should be selling.
Band of Outsiders Spring 2011
Cynthia Rowley started out light and moved into the dark with a collection that was very Cynthia Rowley, yet different at the same time.
Cynthia Rowely Spring 2011
Juan Carlos Obando has to be my favorite collection so far. It is classy, it is sophisticated,  and it is glamour. These looks will get you ready for any cocktail party or gala.
Juan Carlos Obando Spring 2011
Lacoste was amazing, not just because they used a lot of black models, but because Lacoste designer Christophe Lemaire bowed out of his final season with the brand in beautiful way. The clothes, which reminded me of a modern Great Gatsby was perfectly Lacoste.
Lacoste Spring 2011
The girls at Ohne Titel make edgy clothes. They are things that modern and fresh. The clothes are perfect for the girl that doesn’t want to have to deal with pomp and fluff.
Ohne Titel Spring 2011

More New York Fashion Week Reviews

Like I said in the other review post, the woman that these designers are creating clothes for is growing up. Even when she is edgy, she is mature in the way that she dresses. Honestly I think it is great, because women have to mature in their tastes and sense of style. That doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the same sense of style or taste. You just have to mature and embrace change. There are a lot of looks this season that are great for ladies who lunch, young business professionals, and those women that want to look pulled together without looking fussy. This post is going to be long, so I am going to break it up into little bits. Photos from Style.com.

Prabal Gurung’s latest collection is one of his best yet. He used bright color when he needed it and used neutrals when he needed to tone down things, and yet there was a balance between the two.
Prabal Gurung Spring 2011
Jason Wu showed another wonderful collection. Another trend that I have noticed this season is the sheer look. I think it started at Richard Chai and moved on from there. So if you are comfortable going bare…DO IT!!!!
Jason Wu Spring 2011
Z Spoke by Zac Posen is Zac Posen’s new lower-priced line that is aimed at young customers.  This line still features loads of color and crazy prints, and is young and flirty. While I do think Crystal Renn’s weight is her business, she was looking a little hungry (no pun intended) as she walked in this show.
Z Spoke By Zac Posen Spring 2011
Doo.Ri’s collection was beautiful and ghostly. Sometimes mostly white collections can get to be a little boring, but this one was full of one beautiful piece after another.
Doo.Ri Spirng 2011
With A Détacher, Mona Kowalska created a collection that reminds me of fall. It irks me when designers design for the wrong season, but this collection actually looks really good.
A Detacher Spring 2011
Alexander Wang showed a dark, dark, dark collection last season, but this season he decided to go the lightest light he could go. Like Doo.Ri show, the clothes were mostly white with a few muted colors sprinkled in the mix. The whole collection was very natural.
Alexander Wang Spring 2011

The AAU Fashion Show Spring 2011

This was the best show AAU yet. The talent is astounding. I’m so glad the AAU fashion blog has the video up now because my video for the show sucked, and it was hard to take pics and video sooo… anyway you can watch the show up above.

I am going to give you all the details on the graduate students who presented in order. If you couldn’t tell already each new collection comes up with each music change.

Jungah Lee- M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 1-6
The collection was inspired by the faded colors of antique books. Her collection featured hand dyed garments made from latex and silk.

Cara Chiappetta -M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 7-12
Inspired by Helmut Newton’s photography and Bridget Fonda’s character in “The Point of No Return”, she used rubber, mesh, silk, wool, and nylon to present a feminine collection.

Louie Llewellyn M.F.A. Men’s Wear Design and Xiang Zhang M.F.A. Knitwear Design Looks 13-18
Louie designed the menswear for this collection and Xiang designed the knitwear. Two different ideas and multiple concepts came together to create these looks.

Print Collaboration Looks 19-26
This collection was created by a group of Technical Design, Fashion Design, and Textile Design students.

    Technical Design-

Lindsey Gong and Jackie Nguyen

    Fashion Designers-

Anasa Greaves, Han Yoon, and Emma Erickson

    Textile Designers-

Ruby Guerra, Gabrielle Cols, Yi-Hui Wen, Amanda Carrillo, Chanchai Tanapornwattana, Jennifer Chen, Sarah Appiah, Jennifer Filp, Adriane-Luaren Hueso, and Leah Rossi

April Howard-M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 27-32
April was inpsired by found objects sculptor Kathy Kelley, a decaying concrete and plastic covered urban wasteland, and Cormac McCarthy’s novel “The Road.” The collection was made of stretch leather.

Camilla Olson-M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 33-38
Camilla’s collection was inspired by “Blade Runner” and samurai arts. Everything was made with laser cut silk chiffon and silk faille cage.

Maria Korovilas M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 39-44
Maria’s collection was inspired by the Jenny Lewis song “You Are What You Love.” Maria’s collection was full of beading, silk, and lace.

Fashions Night Out Was Bananas

Yesterday was crazy. I went to my school’s graduate fashion show, which was the best one yet.  I got to see some guy from Project Runway, whose name I can’t remember, and Miss J from ANTM. I will do a separate post for that show, so I can actually review each graduate designer. This was the first time that I actually liked each collection.

The best part was doing Fashions Night Out. After leaving Lincoln Center, I took two trains to the famous 5th Avenue and took pictures of all the live models and craziness happening in the store windows. Gant and Louis Vuitton were my favs because Gant had naked lacrosse players posing and taking showers in the windows 🙂 and Louis Vuitton had people in brown LV aprons doing synchronized dancing down the steps and dancing in the store windows.  One of the dancers in the window even licked a Speedy bag. ??!?!?!?

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Day Two of New York Fashion Week

The clothes this season are definitely growing up. The designers know that their customers want sophisticated clothes that don’t look like they belong on their daughters or little sisters.

The Bensoni collection was full of prints, light colors, and airy fabrics. I could see this collection on the street or the beach.
Bensoni Spring 2011
As usual, Christian Siriano’s collection featured lots of prints and ruffles. Some people thought it was too much like his other collections, but  I think if ain’t broke don’t fix it.
Christian Siriano Spring 2011
The ladies from Cushnie et Ochs did a great job as usual. They know their customers like sleek with a little something extra. That leather dress was cut perfectly.
Cushnie et Ochs Spring 2011
Gregory Parkinson’s collection was short but sweet. The patterns and colors reminded me of candy.
Gregory Parkinson Spring 2011
I had never heard of Mandy Coon before, but after seeing her jellyfish inspired collection, I would love to know more about her. Structure is something she played with, and that made the mostly black and white collection seem fluid.
Mandy Coon
Photos from Style.com.

Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week Begins NOW

Today was the first day of New York Fashion Week! I just started looking at collections, because I didn’t have service at the IFB Conference. From what I have seen so far, short sets, wide pants, basics, and graphic prints are very popular.

I was really impressed with Lyn Devon’s collection. I think it was bright, fun, flirty, and totally wearable. When I saw it, spring came to mind. There were pieces that you could easily mix and match. It is a great wardrobe building collection.
Lyn Devon Spring 2011
While I liked the Nicholas K. collection, I thought it was more suited for a colder season. I mean, yea it had cropped tops and cropped pants, but it just seemed unseasonal. It was still a great collection, just made for the wrong season.
Nicholas K Spring 2011
Organic by John Patrick was crisp, white, and airy. The collection reminded me of fresh laundry or linen. This collection, just like the Lyn Devon one, was full of great basics. I love crazy fashion, but I think it is great for designers to make clothes that people can wear everyday or more than once.
Organic by John Patrick Spring 2011
Sachin + Babi had some great pieces that spice up the wardrobe and some basics that you could wear everyday. This collection was great because of the mix between the wild and the tame. There seemed to be a balance between the two instead of a war.
Sachin + Babi Spring 2011
The Willow collection was graphic city. Graphic dresses, short shorts, and skirts. Prints were everywhere. It was a very interesting, beautiful, and modern collection.
Willow Spring 2011
Photos from Style.com.
Which collections did you like?

Fashion Week Starts Today

Hey Everyone! Fashion Week starts today, and I will be going to the IFB Conference to learn how to make my blog better from the inside out! Last night I went to a tweet-up with fellow bloggers, stylists, designers, and other industry people. I can’t wait to show you the clothes this designer I met made. They are really great! I will try to blog from my phone tomorrow. We will see how great this WordPress for BB app is. No promises though.

Here is a little something to hold you over until I can edit the blog properly.