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Charleston Fashion Week 2012 Spring Bridal Show

During the last day of Charleston Fashion Week, I got up super early and headed out to Charleston Weddings Magazine’s Spring Bridal Show. I got to see a lot of bridal fashion from local boutiques. If you are planning a wedding, Charleston is definitely a great place to check out some fancy gowns for you or your bridesmaids. The trends seem to be the traditional white and cream, and the completely unconventional and daring pale pink and red. Watch the video from the Emerging Bridal Designer Contest winner Calvin James Bryant’s collection. It was fabulous. If I were getting married, he would definitely be someone I would be interested in working with. I hope you all enjoyed my Charleston Fashion Week coverage. As you can see I am still trying to recover and unpack from the week of events.

My First Fashion Week Experience! Part Deux

OK so after the interviews, Elizabeth from Charleston Scene, Mikelle, and I went to Cynthia Rowley’s store. Cynthia Rowley was extremely classy, humble, and nice. Really nice. I told her how I was a big fan of hers, and that her brand was the first pair of designer heels that I bought back in high school. She told me that I was sweet and had beautiful skin. Then I melted.to.the.floor. The store was full of so many interesting people. I loved it so much! Check out some of these people.
Me and Cynthia Rowley
Some awesome man and Cynthia Rowley
This is the cool lady that let me take her picture. Check out the dude behind her too.
Isabella Blow Doppelganger.

I wish I had gotten all of her hat. There was a floral stem with leaves shooting out of the top. I honestly wish I could have gotten the whole outfit. She was beyond amazing. Makes me wish people dressed like that in South Carolina everyday. Oh did I mention that I saw a woman with a orange ostrich mini Kelly Hermes bag. Swoon!
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My First Fashion Week Experience! Part One

This has been the most amazing experience. I really have to thank God for coming through. Mom and I got to Charleston about midday, but we couldn’t check in our hotel right away. Then when we tried to go to lunch but my car battery died. We called AAA and got a jump. I came back in the hotel checked in and started some homework. One more week until Spring Break and I can’t wait.

I went to the Press Lounge for the  Emerging Designer Competition:Southeast Finalist interviews, and I met one of my Twitter friends Make Me Over Eb and her designer friend Miikelle Fowler. It is so nice meeting the people I talk to online. After the interview session I actually joined in on Eb’s podcast. You can check that out here. Back to the interviews. All of the designers were late checking in, but that was OK because it gave me time to talk to Eb, Miikelle, and Elizabeth from Charleston Scene Magazine.

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Whatever. The designers were late, but I chatted with my new friends so all was good in the world. Once the designers showed up, they completed a press junket interview session along with  Darcy Shankland (Editor-in-Chief of Charleston Magazine), and Ayoka Lucas (CFW Creative Director). Charleston Magazine’s Charleston Fashion Week is doing a Project Runway type runway competition.  All of the designers that were interviewed were very talented and so different. There was also a children designer in the mix.  Out of the ones who moved ahead after the fashion show they have to complete a final design challenge. I hate that I will miss it this weekend, but I am only here until Thursday.

I asked both Darcy Shankland and Ayoka Lucas about adding plus size fashion designers into fashion week. They both enthusiastically said “COME! COME!” So if you are plus size fashion designer, come to Charleston Fashion Week. They would love to see you. We also got to interview Mychael Knight from Project Runway. He is showing tomorrow and staying in the same hotel as my mom and me. I can’t wait to see what he produces.

Eb, Ayoka, and Mychael Knight

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