My First Fashion Week Experience! Part Deux

OK so after the interviews, Elizabeth from Charleston Scene, Mikelle, and I went to Cynthia Rowley’s store. Cynthia Rowley was extremely classy, humble, and nice. Really nice. I told her how I was a big fan of hers, and that her brand was the first pair of designer heels that I bought back in high school. She told me that I was sweet and had beautiful skin. Then I The store was full of so many interesting people. I loved it so much! Check out some of these people.
Me and Cynthia Rowley
Some awesome man and Cynthia Rowley
This is the cool lady that let me take her picture. Check out the dude behind her too.
Isabella Blow Doppelganger.

I wish I had gotten all of her hat. There was a floral stem with leaves shooting out of the top. I honestly wish I could have gotten the whole outfit. She was beyond amazing. Makes me wish people dressed like that in South Carolina everyday. Oh did I mention that I saw a woman with a orange ostrich mini Kelly Hermes bag. Swoon!
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Mikelle, Elizabeth from Charleston Scene, and I split up at the tents. I went to the Style Lounge and found out a few great brands, stores, and companies. If you live in Charleston, check out Stella Nova Spa and Cavortress vintage store. Stella Nova is not only a great spa, but they have an awesome retail store too. I will make sure I visit there on my next Chucktown vacation. Cavortress is an awesome vintage store. The people at the booth were nice and actually talked to me, unlike the people at the vintage store across the way. Also everything they sell is under $100. Count me in!

I also tried those new Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Lady Gaga and Diddy have some headphones by the same company, and I can honestly say that they are worth the expensive price. Not only can you hook them up to your Blackberry, but it totally canceled out the noise made by the DJ booth not even 100 feet away from me. The best part of the Style Lounge was meeting the nice lady named Jennifer from Theodosia Jewelery. I am not a jewelery person, but I loved the vintage feel of her pieces and she is from my hometown.

I am going to do a separate post on the Emerging Designer Competition:Southeast fashion show, and the main fashion show from Tuesday night later, but I wanted to say this. Everything was cool except for the one collection where the designer gave the models cheap shoes that were too big causing every model to stumble. EVERY!

Before I go, I want to leave you with these awesome shoe pictures from Cynthia Rowley and this British man I met from Fashion Wire Press. I think his name was Ed.

Cynthia Rowley’s shoes and sequin socks!
Mr. Ed’s Gucci Tennis Shoes
After all of this, I still forgot to take a full body outfit shot. Dang!!!
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