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Five Festive Holiday Food Apps

five festive holiday food apps

five festive holiday food apps

Here are five festive holiday food apps to get your holiday meal planning underway. Actually you can use most of these apps year-round, but this is a season of baking and cooking. I have been baking something or another almost every week for the past few weeks now. Baking and cooking are super fun to me. I’m already trying to figure out what I am going to make next week. These food apps are great for helping you bake cute little fall treats or plan dinner and snacks for those intimate family gatherings. With Hanukkah coming early and Thanksgiving right around the corner, now is the time to plan out all the sweet and savory items that make you go “Yummy yum yum! Photo from here.


Five Festive Holiday Food Apps:

  1. BigOven is great because it has a couple hundred thousand recipes that you can search through with vivid images. I love the food apps with great pictures.  BigOven also has a menu planner and a grocery list. This app is available on the Apple and Android systems, and it is free.
  2. How To Cook Everything by New York Times columnist Mark Bittman and based on his bestselling cookbook is a treasure trove of menus. While you do have to pay for the app, it makes up for it with a shopping lists, favorite recipes list, and the option to share recipes among friends and family. This is one of the best food apps for both beginners and experienced foodies. Not bad for $4.99. It is only available on the Apple App Store, and it looks great on my iPad.
  3. Allrecipes.com has several apps available like their DinnerSpinner – which my friend Jesika loves- and their Your Kitchen Inpsiration app-which I love. With five different apps for  Apple, Android, Kindle, and Windows, it is super easy to get your cook, bake, and eat on this holiday season.
  4. Pinterest is the one app that I keep going back to on my Android phone,  iPad tablet, and Macbook, because it has oodles and oodles of recipes. I can find recipes for baking on there. I can find recipes for jolly cocktails or look for food recipes by holiday or time of day. The fact that I can easily organize them by board or send them to friends. I love the sharing feature. My hair dresser and I share pins all day every single day.
  5. Bon Appetit’s Thanksgiving app is only available in the Apple App Store, but it is free. I wish my Android sisters could see this app in all of its glory because it is really great. You can look through tasty recipes, use the already planned menus, customize your own menu, look at foodie and cocktail tip guides, use the timer to manage your Thanksgiving planning/cooking more wisely, and watch informative videos. Whoo!! Popped a pie in the oven I’m sweatin’!! That’s a lot of good stuff.

Hopefully all of these apps help you get your grub on this holiday season. Now I’m off to plan my next big meal.


Living Large- Cool Clothing Storage

clothing storage

clothing storage
I was looking on Pinterest for clothing storage ideas, and just some cool storage ideas in general. I also spent the day at Ikea and The Container Store yesterday agonizing over what to pick for storage in my bathroom. This picture from Pinterest almost looks like something I was going to choose for my bathroom storage. A lot of people think you can’t have stylish looking clothing storage in your home. Thanks to the powers of the internet, you can find clothing storage that doesn’t look like it came from a big box store, unless you are looking for something like that. I love the minimalistic look of the whole piece. It looks sparse, but intricate at the same time. This is something I could get into. Picture from here. Check below to figure out how to keep up with the blog after Google Reader ends.

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Living Large- DIY Glitter Lamp Shades

DIY Glitter Lamp Shade

DIY Glitter Lamp Shade

I saw this glittery lampshade on Pinterest and thought about how this would be a great DIY project. Apparently the people of Pinterest thought so too. Maybe you could use some glitter or some sequins? I think it would be great either way. Maybe you could try different color glitter or some fabric? That would be nice too. This seems like something that would be really fun to do on a Saturday. I’m getting ideas.

The We Love Colors contest winner is Ruhamah Dunmeyer. The Sonsi winner is Kimberlee Van Der Wall. The Eden Body Works contest ends tonight!

Beauty Bit-Beauty Treatment Ingredient List

beauty treatment ingredients

beauty treatment ingredients
I can always count on Pinterest to give me the best in beauty and just about anything else helpful. This beauty treatment ingredient list has been making it’s way across the internet quite a bit, but I decided to post it here so you could get some tips on some natural beauty treatments. I wouldn’t mind trying the first one. I haven’t done a soothing bath in awhile. I usually add cocoa butter oil to my bath water to get my skin nice and soft. Enjoy, and let me know if you try or have tried one!

Living Large-Craft Storage

craft storage

craft storage

So I have been cleaning and rearranging and updating my decor for the past two weeks now. One of the things I needed to do was update my craft storage. I ended up buying a storage container with three drawers in it. When I finally get a bigger place, I would love to have a separate room for my crafts. I mean who doesn’t dream of a neat and tidy craft storage room? These pictures from Pinterest should give me proper craft storage inspiration.

craft storage


I’m In Love With Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Vanity Table and Mirrored Chair

I am in love with mirrored furniture. When I think of mirrored furniture, I think of Art Deco, old Hollywood screen goddesses, and Paris. I think of sitting down to one of these mirrored vanity tables in a silk robe or kimono and putting powder on with a giant powder puff. Maybe I am putting on bloody rouge lipstick? While perusing Pinterest, I saw this mirrored vanity table and vanity seat from Horchow. You can really waste a good amount of time pinning things and looking at other pictures. I don’t care though. Where else can I get wedding, food, home, baby,etc, etc inspiration from all in one neatly organized little place? Photo from Horchow.

iPad Pouch From Mochi Things Is Perfect For Stylish Techies

ipad pouch

I was perusing the Mochi Things website over the weekend for personal organization products. They always have the cutest accessories, and I couldn’t help pinning some things to my personal organization board. The iPad Pouch is the best. It offers three layers of protection and a small pocket in the back to hold little necessities. At $56.95 the iPad Pouch is made from canvas, synthetic leather, and real leather. It is also small enough to carry alone or carry in your purse or tote bag.