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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011 Explodes

Between the Galliano saga, the rumors that Pilati will leave YSL, and the sad rumor that Decarnin was a no show at the Balmain show because he was in a mental hospital, I have no clue what to think about Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011. Everything has gone crazing. Paris is truly burning. I had a small bit of time to look at the recent shows, which really means I looked at them around midnight when I should have been in bed. Here are some that caught my eye.

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Paris Fashion Week Post 1


Gareth Pugh was very experimental and gray, but that was to be expected. He made these hats that reminded me of bat/owl wings. There were dresses and jackets and crazy stripes. It was crazy and really cool.

Rochas was full of colors and patterns. Spring is obviously the season for patterns. The fabrics looked rich and full. Even though they had shorts and dresses, the GAGA look was in full effect. It was all tropical.

Rue du Mail was very feminine and sexy in a very Parisian way. The silk dresses were amazing. I really loved the watercolor dresses. Everything was gorg.