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Runaway Runway 2013

runaway runway 2013

Over the weekend, I went to the Columbia Design League‘s annual green fashion show Runaway Runway.  It is a design competition where all the clothes must be made out of recyclable items and trash. If you remember the last time I went to the event, I wasn’t impressed. This year was different. I went to Runaway Runway at the Township Auditorium because a friend of mine had entered the competition, and I wanted to support her.

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Runaway Runway 2011

Thanks to Runaway Runway 2011, my Friday night was full of recycled fashion, fun, and fuckery. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me inform you of Runaway Runway, see last year’s post,  a green fashion show fundraiser held by the Columbia Design League. The Columbia Design League is a fantastic organization in Columbia that helps bring design and arts awareness to the local community. I plan on getting a membership, so I can attend more of their lectures in the future.

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