Runaway Runway 2011

Thanks to Runaway Runway 2011, my Friday night was full of recycled fashion, fun, and fuckery. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me inform you of Runaway Runway, see last year’s post,  a green fashion show fundraiser held by the Columbia Design League. The Columbia Design League is a fantastic organization in Columbia that helps bring design and arts awareness to the local community. I plan on getting a membership, so I can attend more of their lectures in the future.

Back to the fashion show. Runaway Runway is supposed to be a fashion show where members of the community of all ages make clothes out of recycled items and compete for prizes. I also understand that the show is supposed to be chock full of ribaldry, cheekiness, and fun, but there are times when the ribaldry needs to be reigned in. Most of the people sitting around me, including myself, were confused about what was going on.

The hosts, who were great last year, often went into inner monologues. Larry Hembree and Betsy Newman touched my heart when they got emotional over the passing of CDL Bruce Bahr. The audience portion of the show with Rhett Anders could have worked better if the questions and interviewees were thought out ahead of time and had more structure. Fayth Hope and drag queen extraordinaire Patti O Furniture should have been the only musical acts of the night. Instead we had more drag queens and two people who sing karaoke at the local bar.

Umm..soo…yeah. Everyone around me and the attendees on Twitter were most confused about the karaoke singers. It seemed like the event producers went to the Art Bar on Mr. B’s Karaoke night and just said oh these two are cool let’s put them in the show. So on Friday night we had a faux Pat Benetar and local celebrity Boombox Boy sing songs while fake guitar players, ghostbusters with Pac Man heads, and pastel colored monsters ran up and down the runway. This is why I think fashion shows should have one or two performances limited to one song each. When you have too many performers, especially those that veer off into cabaret territory, the fashion show becomes a cabaret/music concert that just happens to have a fashion show instead of a fashion show with a few musical acts.

Anyway I am off my rant.  I still had fun, I just wish there was more of a focus on the clothes because they were amazing. I was particularly smitten with the Pepsi can dress and the raincoat outfit. Everyone this year did a fabulous job. Columbia is so creative, but you almost miss it at times. I would actually wear a lot of the outfits that showed Friday night. I’m sure the judges had a hard time with these excellent designs.The winners are listed below. Also sorry if some of the pictures didn’t turn out that great. Some models were walking so fast.

Craftsmanship Award-17 Kirkland Smith and Liz Melendez
Greenability-15 Lani Stringer
Wearability-24 Liesel and Susan Hamilton
Originality-39 The Real Housewives of Crystal Pines
Top Model-61 Kyle Taylor Kirchman

1st Place-26 Miles Purvis
2nd Place-61 Kyle Taylor Kirchman
3rd Place-47 Alexis Doktor

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