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Trend Report: Neon

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For that futuristic wow-factor, nothing really beats neon. Perfect for nights out but also as day wear, designers went bold and bright in a rainbow of electric hues.

A fresh way to wear neon is in one bold swatch as seen above. Of course, neon accessories can take any outfit from drab to club-kid party-ready. So pick a color that looks great on you, and turn it up in a neon.

One caveat is to keep the look modern, keep the lines clean. With a bold statement such as neon there’s no need to add glitter and frills to the piece. Although, I will confess, I’m loving a neon mixed with the tutti-frutti patterns or polka dots for an eccentric look.
Mix and Match

Monday Morning


Untitled by erind90 featuring a pleated skirt

Friday Night


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Trend Report: Orange

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One of the punchiest and hottest hues for spring is coral’s close cousin, orange. While all of the zesty colors are definitely in for summer (think grapefruit pink, lemon yellow, lime green…) orange has been popping up everywhere.

Unlike coral however, this can be one tricky shade to pull off, and while it tends to look best on chocolate or porcelain skin tones where the color can really pop, with a little help anyone can pull it off.

For warm skin tones, look for yellow based oranges such as the dress on the far left.

For cool skin tones, try a red or blue based orange, such as the dress in the middle.

Don’t know what your skin tone is? Check out our post here.

And as always, accessories are a great option. I still fondly remember an orange clutch that I took everywhere last summer (and later went AWOL at a little cafe in August. Sigh.) hopefully I’ll find a suitable replacement this season.

And just a personal preference, stay away from black. There’s no need to bring on the Halloween references. Instead pair with neutrals (orange and dove grey look stunning together) or go bold with poppy brights.

A Little

A Little More

A Lot

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Trend Report: Tropical Prints

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While we always see florals for spring (“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Thank you, Miranda Priestly) this season we are also seeing lots of fabulously tutti-frutti patterns.

Wear these patterns loud and proud, either by themselves as a statement piece, or try your hand at mixing them with other patterns such as polka-dots and stripes. Either way, they’re sure to get you in a summer afternoon mood.

A Little

Mix it Up


Untitled by erind90 featuring high heels


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Trend Report: Bra Tops

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So this is definitely one trend that your mom is going to hate. After a few seasons of crop tops, designers have upped the ante and debuted the bra top.

Too keep this look from being too hoochy, pair it with a full skirt or slouchy pants that cover the knee and cover up on top with a cardigan or jacket.

So how do you pull this off if you don’t have a set of flat abs?

You have a several different options:

My favorite is wearing a high waisted skirt with a more substantial bra top. That way, the only flash of skin that’s showing is a little bit of the rib cage in between the top of the skirt and your top. Tres cheeky chic.

Or you can layer a tank top underneath, or a very drapey, loose tank over so that a little peek of a lacey or decorative bra top peeks out.

Or pair it with the sheer trend and wear a sheer top or button down over your bra top.

So don’t worry, there’s no need to wear this piece by itself, instead use it as a tool for creating cute, layered styles.


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Trend Report: Tea Skirts

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Am I the only person who is excited for the return of longer skirts? I have a few maxi dresses that are the equivalent of pajamas to me that I can wear to class and work, so I’m super stoked that they are back in style. Time to buy up a few more!

The only difference this time around is that a new, midi-style skirt has been introduced. Somewhere in between knee length and maxi, the skirt typically ends at the ankle  or at the calf and hasn’t been in fashion since the ’50s, but welcome back!

I know that many girls are very wary of longer skirts, believing that they can make them appear stumpy or big, but I’m here to show you a few tricks that will keep you looking sleek and stylish. So who’s ready for some skirts that we can bend over and sit down in without worrying about flashing everyone?

How to Wear a Midi

Repeat after me girls, “the midi is my best friend”. While maxi skirts do tend to swallow up smaller people, by showing a bit of ankle you get the same effect as a longer skirt with all of the figure flattery of a knee length skirt. So if you were turned off by the maxi-skirt last season, definitely give a midi a try.

It’s all in the cut. As I’ve mentioned before, for maximum flattery you want a skirt that hits either just above the ankle bone or just below the calf muscle. This draws attention to your slimmest parts making you appear slimmer.

Try a high-waisted style and heels. By raising up the waist line (and again, highlighting a smaller spot on curvy girls. If you have a belly, adjust to your smallest point) and raising you up on heels, we create the illusion of super-duper long legs. The eye assumes that from the waist band to the ground is all leg, so we’ll use that to our advantage.

And for fuller styles, keep the tops fitted and show a little skin to balance out this demure look.

Uptown Chic

Downtown Darling


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Trend Report: Color Blocking

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There’s just something about spring that brings out all of the peacocks of fashion. So one trend that we saw on the runways was color, color and more color! Even more trendy was putting all of those colors together in one outfit in large bold swatches, aka color blocking.

So how do you pull of color blocking? There’s really no figure flattery rules, just pick three or four of your favorite colors (preferably complimentary colors such as blue and orange so that they really pop) and pile them on!

But here’s a few guide-lines to get you started:

Stick with solids,  as patterns+crazy colors = crazy lady. If you have a loud personality go for it, but if you’re new to wearing lots of color stick with solid colors.

Buy clothing that is already color blocked such as the dress above. Put it on and voila! Easiest color blocking ever.

Still color shy? Try adding one or two black or white pieces to ground your look, as seen on the far right. That way it isn’t a full body look, but you still have the color blocking effect.




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Trend Report: White

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In direct contrast to the somber colors populating the fall runways, spring saw a plethora of all white looks that are as fresh as an ice-pop in July.

First, let me address the elephant in the room and say that it’s not the color that makes you look heavier, but how you wear it.

True, there is less wiggle room with white just because it reflects light and any puckering or pulling is more visible, but with the right style, a minimalist, white look is refreshing on any body type.

Laws for Wearing the Color White

Make sure that your clothing fits. It should skim or float on the body, no bulges or pulling please!

Wear nude undergarments, white (or black and colored) undergarments will show through. VPLs are never cute!

Keep them clean. This might be the most difficult rule, and as someone who can’t come within fifty yards of a ketchup bottle and carries a tide-to-go pen everywhere, I know I can’t wear this trend (as much as I would love to). So perfect your table manners ladies, and double check where you sit.

General Guidelines for Wearing  White

Pair white with neutral accessories such as blush, cognac, gold or silver. Black can look too heavy and white too matchy-matchy.

Pick heavier fabrics like a thick knit, denim, stiff cotton or cashmere. They will disguise panty-lines, and if you’re nervous about any unflattering pulling or stretching they will hold everything in.

That being said, a great way to create interest for a truly minimal look is to play with textures such as silk, cotton voile, chiffon, denim, and even white leather. Try mixing different shades of white such as cream, optic white, and sun-bleached denim.

Uptown Chic

Downtown Diva


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Spring 2011 Couture Continues With Elie Saab, John Paul Gaultier, and Givenchy

Spring 2011 Couture shows roll on with Elie Saab, John Paul Gaultier, and Givenchy.

elie saab

Elie Saab’s show was so beautiful. The light colors of pastel pinks, purples, and reds combined with the intricate detail work on the dresses reminded me of a secret garden. I can see a lot of red carpet moments with these gowns. The Oscars are a few days away… let’s see if anyone will get a special dress flown in.

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Spring 2011 Couture Season Is Here

Spring 2011 Couture Season Is Here.

People have been claiming that couture is dead because couture clients have been dwindling down and most rich people just buy ready to wear clothes that look like couture. I think this season is showing that couture is alive and kicking. The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture has even added some new members in recent years. Couture will be here for awhile.

armani prive

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Stuart Weitzman’s Spring 2011 Campaign Shows Shoes In Classic 70s Style

For spring 2011, Stuart Weitzman’s advertising campaign builds on its playfully glamorous light concept.

Stuart Weitzman Spring 2011

This time evoking a 70’s vibe within fashion and set, the graphic black, gray and white woven BRADFORD platform and leopard haircalf XRAY wedge are featured.

The BRADFORD represents two key spring trends, woven braiding and color-blocking.

The XRAY is a stylish leopard update to the popular espadrille silhouette.

Shot in New York City by photographer Paul Cruz under creative direction of Rick Biedel.

Stuart Weitzman Spring 2011

Check Out Free People January Catalog

Enter the Fashion to Figure Contest!

Check out the Free People January Catalog video. It features some really cute clothes and Paris.  You can’t go wrong with that. I love the airy, hippie looks for spring. My favorite piece is the Kite and Butterfly Tunic that the model wears in the middle of the video as she crosses the street. That is a look that I would totally wear. What is your favorite look from the video?

LaRoque Spring 2011 Debuts


I know we are just getting into the holiday and winter season posts here at TFAS, but LaRoque just debuted her Spring 2011, and I am so proud of her. You might recall that I interviewed Annabelle in her studio last Spring. She had big dreams for her custom brand, and they are definitely beginning to blossom. LaRoque’s spring line is going to be in 17 stores across the Southeast. That is so amazing.




The clothes are what I would like to call “Southern Belle Goes To Palm Beach Chic”. They are cute, fun, and sassy. Pink, teal, white,and black are the most used colors in the collection next to the yellow and orange printed pieces. The skirts, shorts, tops, and dresses are very preppy and feature LaRoque’s signature bows and ruffles. Annabelle most certainly knows her customer, and I can see them gobbling up this collection.

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Fashion Week Proves Sexy Is Back In!

Dressing up like your boyfriend is soooooo last season people. Thank goodness, the masculinity meets femininity trend is fading and girls and starting to dress like girls again. What I discovered from viewing several fashion collections throughout the month is that many designers are bringin’ sexy back and I’m loving it. Derek Lam, Chloé and Nicolas Andreas Taralis are just a few  designers that have traded the ultra baggy looks for structured, feminine silhouettes with revealing necklines or human flesh. My personal favorite is structured, sexy tops and bottoms with a bit of flare and edge. So lets bring in the sexy for the spring next year. Who’s daring enough to pull it off?

Nicolas Andreas Taralis in Paris

Chloé in Paris

Derek Lam in NYC


Images via LATimes

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture































The Last Of Paris

Paris Fashion Week is over and that means that all of the major fashion weeks are done until February and I can now go back to spending most of my time studying and finishing my DIY projects. Speaking of which; I completed this DIY last week from Alice & Daisy and am almost done with this one from love Maegan. I’ve also been hand-sewing and mending things, but that is neither here nor there! Here are the reviews. Photos from Style.com.

I think Sarah Burton did a great job with Alexander McQueen’s collection. There were some motifs, shapes, and textures happening in the collection that made everything seem familiar. Nothing strayed to far from what McQueen used to do.
Alexander McQueen
Louis Vuitton was beautiful. I will admit…there were some pieces that I thought were absolutely ridiculous, but the bulk of the clothes were amazing. Marc Jacobs did a great job with this Asian inspired collection.
Louis Vuitton
The last day of Paris Fashion Week also marked the last time John Paul Gaultier designs a collection for Hermes, and boy did he go out with a bang. He had fashion icon Farida Khelfa walk for him and a whole slew of dressage riders on horseback. Everything fit his horse theme perfectly.