The Ultimate “Trash” Fashion: Jeremy Scott NYFW

I was completely inspired by Jeremy Scott’s recent collection during NYFW. For a long time now I have been thinking in terms of trash, dark, or street inspired clothing not just because I think it’s an interesting concept, but because it puts a strong message out in terms of reusing materials and that fashion can be found in all places and forms.

A lot of things we consider trash are in fact completely reusable and sometimes add interest to an otherwise drab ensemble. I would much rather tell someone a story about a piece I’m wearing like, “Oh I made this from reusable materials”, rather than I bought it at Dries a few weeks ago. I think fashion can be found everywhere and I’m really glad Jeremy Scott put that out into the open.

I’ve noticed a lot of designers this year are taking their inspirations from very interesting places like sex, human flesh, trash, etc. And I’m loving every second of it. It makes me want to work even harder to finish my duct tape bustiers and garbage bag dresses. It’s SO time consuming. I can’t even begin to start it half of the time. So please by some unknown force of nature help me be like Jeremy Scott and just do it.

So why aren’t we married Jeremy Scott?

-Angelena (Hipster Scum)

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