My Time At The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo

Vendors and Participants

This weekend I drove to Atlanta to attend The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo. I don’t know if you follow me on Snapchat @tfasblog, but all of my Atlanta adventures were documented on the app. I had a really good time at Marie’s Denee’s event even though my day got off to a very rocky start.…… Continue reading My Time At The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo

Whooga Boot Review

I have been featured on Make Me Over Eb and The Curvy Fashionista. A few weeks ago I was offered a chance to review some Ugg-like boots by a company called Whooga. Whooga is an Australian company that uses Australian Merino fleece. The boots are made and shipped from China. They did give me a…… Continue reading Whooga Boot Review