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Ugly Shoes Are Making A Comeback!

ugly shoe trend

ugly shoe trend-Written By Intern Zaquana.

You read that right. Ugly shoe are making a comeback in stores and are marching their way right back into many of our wardrobes. The ugly shoe trend encompasses a sort of perfectly imperfect style that is slowly creeping into the fashion world. I first noticed in the summer of 2013 how the new and fashionable chunky heels were selling quickly in all of my favorite shoe stores.
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TREND Report: wide-leg

Above: Bottega Veneta Resort 2012, Style.com; Chanel Resort 2012, Style.com; Sportmax Resort 2012, Style.com.  M Missoni patterned wide-leg pants, Net-a-Porter.com; J.Crew Irene orange linen wide-leg pant, Net-a-Porter.com;  Tucker printed silk blouse, Net-a-Porter.com; J.Crew striped jersey top, Net-a-Porter.com.

While older generations may find the wide-leg trend evoking images of Janis Joplin and peace sign-wielding Vietnam protesters, we who live on the chic side of life see otherwise.   Denim and pant alike were stretched out and lengthened on the Spring 2011 and Resort 2012 runways.  Paired with a sheer top and classic blazer, the look that comes together oozes luxury.  Plus, wide-leg pants are extremely flattering on women of all body types.  And, unlike the denim leggings of fall and winter, wide-leg pants can be perfectly light and airy for summer.  Pick a pair in a bold color for added effect and compliment with a favorite pair of skinny wedges (chunky will definitely give you the 1970’s effect) and a structured, lady-like clutch and you’ll be turning sun-burned heads all summer.

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TREND Report: models off duty

Images via Getty Images and Hanneli Mustaparta.

Over the past five years, street style photography has gone from creepy to trendy to completely unavoidable.  In fact, street style photogs swarmed the most recent Fashion Weeks in such droves that some bloggers and show attendees compared them to paparazzi.  But, regardless of your opinions on those who prefer to stay behind the camera, it is definitely difficult to deny the fact that street style snaps can be a major source of fashion inspiration.  And those topping the street style trends…models of course.  I’m not talking painted-hair, orange-lipstick, shoes-so-high-ankles-will-break models, no.  Models can be fashionable even OFF the runway (who knew??).  Loose tees, leggings, slouchy bags, and flats are staples of the off-duty model look and, believe it or not, you don’t actually have to be a model to pull this look off.  So, pull out your tanks, bucket bags, and boots and let the streets be your runway with this look!


Allison at Lady in Red Lipstick

Trend Report: Fur Accessories

Credit 1, 2, 3

It may be springtime, but Fall 2011 lines are releasing lookbooks. Every winter is a bonanza of fur: it’s soft, warm, comforting and looks incredibly luxe. So hold onto those fur boots, vests and coats from the 2010 season, they aren’t going anywhere. The twist for the 2011 season is the introduction of fur accessories.

Try a fur hat, fur bag, earmuffs or go a la Wang and try a pair of fur glasses if you’re feeling daring. For all neutral outfits it adds a subtle texture and mixes things up.

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Trend Report: Neon

Credit 1, 2, 3

For that futuristic wow-factor, nothing really beats neon. Perfect for nights out but also as day wear, designers went bold and bright in a rainbow of electric hues.

A fresh way to wear neon is in one bold swatch as seen above. Of course, neon accessories can take any outfit from drab to club-kid party-ready. So pick a color that looks great on you, and turn it up in a neon.

One caveat is to keep the look modern, keep the lines clean. With a bold statement such as neon there’s no need to add glitter and frills to the piece. Although, I will confess, I’m loving a neon mixed with the tutti-frutti patterns or polka dots for an eccentric look.
Mix and Match

Monday Morning


Untitled by erind90 featuring a pleated skirt

Friday Night


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Trend Report: Denim

Credit 1, 2, 3

America’s favorite fabric is big in a whole new way for spring. While denim has been acid-washed, sand-blasted and shredded within an inch of its life in the past decade, for spring we’re looking at a new clean, minimalist look at denim.

Whether you use it for tops, skirts, jumpsuits and of course, jeans, the new look for denim is soft with a dark clean wash and no fading or distressing. While I can’t condone the Texas tuxedo looks above, a great denim mini skirt, jacket or bootcut jeans in a dark wash are a classic that everyone’s closet could use.

However, if you do want to try a denim on denim look, go with two denims in completely contrasting colors, such as a dark wash denim jeans with an acid wash denim shirt.

Denim on Denim


Erin at Pixel Perfect

Trend Report: Orange

Credit 1, 2, 3

One of the punchiest and hottest hues for spring is coral’s close cousin, orange. While all of the zesty colors are definitely in for summer (think grapefruit pink, lemon yellow, lime green…) orange has been popping up everywhere.

Unlike coral however, this can be one tricky shade to pull off, and while it tends to look best on chocolate or porcelain skin tones where the color can really pop, with a little help anyone can pull it off.

For warm skin tones, look for yellow based oranges such as the dress on the far left.

For cool skin tones, try a red or blue based orange, such as the dress in the middle.

Don’t know what your skin tone is? Check out our post here.

And as always, accessories are a great option. I still fondly remember an orange clutch that I took everywhere last summer (and later went AWOL at a little cafe in August. Sigh.) hopefully I’ll find a suitable replacement this season.

And just a personal preference, stay away from black. There’s no need to bring on the Halloween references. Instead pair with neutrals (orange and dove grey look stunning together) or go bold with poppy brights.

A Little

A Little More

A Lot

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Trend Report: Tropical Prints

Credit 1, 2, 3

While we always see florals for spring (“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Thank you, Miranda Priestly) this season we are also seeing lots of fabulously tutti-frutti patterns.

Wear these patterns loud and proud, either by themselves as a statement piece, or try your hand at mixing them with other patterns such as polka-dots and stripes. Either way, they’re sure to get you in a summer afternoon mood.

A Little

Mix it Up


Untitled by erind90 featuring high heels


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Trend Report: Bra Tops

Credit 1, 2, 3

So this is definitely one trend that your mom is going to hate. After a few seasons of crop tops, designers have upped the ante and debuted the bra top.

Too keep this look from being too hoochy, pair it with a full skirt or slouchy pants that cover the knee and cover up on top with a cardigan or jacket.

So how do you pull this off if you don’t have a set of flat abs?

You have a several different options:

My favorite is wearing a high waisted skirt with a more substantial bra top. That way, the only flash of skin that’s showing is a little bit of the rib cage in between the top of the skirt and your top. Tres cheeky chic.

Or you can layer a tank top underneath, or a very drapey, loose tank over so that a little peek of a lacey or decorative bra top peeks out.

Or pair it with the sheer trend and wear a sheer top or button down over your bra top.

So don’t worry, there’s no need to wear this piece by itself, instead use it as a tool for creating cute, layered styles.


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Trend Report: Tea Skirts

Credit 1, 2, 3

Am I the only person who is excited for the return of longer skirts? I have a few maxi dresses that are the equivalent of pajamas to me that I can wear to class and work, so I’m super stoked that they are back in style. Time to buy up a few more!

The only difference this time around is that a new, midi-style skirt has been introduced. Somewhere in between knee length and maxi, the skirt typically ends at the ankle  or at the calf and hasn’t been in fashion since the ’50s, but welcome back!

I know that many girls are very wary of longer skirts, believing that they can make them appear stumpy or big, but I’m here to show you a few tricks that will keep you looking sleek and stylish. So who’s ready for some skirts that we can bend over and sit down in without worrying about flashing everyone?

How to Wear a Midi

Repeat after me girls, “the midi is my best friend”. While maxi skirts do tend to swallow up smaller people, by showing a bit of ankle you get the same effect as a longer skirt with all of the figure flattery of a knee length skirt. So if you were turned off by the maxi-skirt last season, definitely give a midi a try.

It’s all in the cut. As I’ve mentioned before, for maximum flattery you want a skirt that hits either just above the ankle bone or just below the calf muscle. This draws attention to your slimmest parts making you appear slimmer.

Try a high-waisted style and heels. By raising up the waist line (and again, highlighting a smaller spot on curvy girls. If you have a belly, adjust to your smallest point) and raising you up on heels, we create the illusion of super-duper long legs. The eye assumes that from the waist band to the ground is all leg, so we’ll use that to our advantage.

And for fuller styles, keep the tops fitted and show a little skin to balance out this demure look.

Uptown Chic

Downtown Darling


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Trend Report: Color Blocking

Credit 1, 2, 3

There’s just something about spring that brings out all of the peacocks of fashion. So one trend that we saw on the runways was color, color and more color! Even more trendy was putting all of those colors together in one outfit in large bold swatches, aka color blocking.

So how do you pull of color blocking? There’s really no figure flattery rules, just pick three or four of your favorite colors (preferably complimentary colors such as blue and orange so that they really pop) and pile them on!

But here’s a few guide-lines to get you started:

Stick with solids,  as patterns+crazy colors = crazy lady. If you have a loud personality go for it, but if you’re new to wearing lots of color stick with solid colors.

Buy clothing that is already color blocked such as the dress above. Put it on and voila! Easiest color blocking ever.

Still color shy? Try adding one or two black or white pieces to ground your look, as seen on the far right. That way it isn’t a full body look, but you still have the color blocking effect.




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