Trend Report: Turbans

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Following in the trend of the globe-trotting eccentric, turbans have made a surprising come-back. Once popular in the 1940’s with the screen sirens and a kick-back from the 19th century Orientalism movement, they’re now the best friend of a fashionista with a bad hair day.

The interesting dilemma when wearing a turban is to act like you are not, in fact, wearing a turban. To keep an element of laid-back cool pair it with something unexpected and relaxed.

Pick a large square scarf and simply tie it around your head. For a detailed tutorial check out The Glamorai, queen of turbans. TFAS also has a tutorial that Jai did this past summer.

Or, if you’re  a bit less eccentric try a wide headband, tie a scarf as a headband, or try a faux turban headband from here or here.

The Laws of Rocking a Turban


#1 rule for all fashions, when approached with “what are you wearing?!”

Respond with “A turban, isn’t it AWESOME?”

Don’t Wear a Costume

There’s no need to wear a turban with harem pants and a dhoti. In fact, please don’t. Rather try it with a pair of boyfriend chinos and a tee or your favorite dress.

Watch Your Face

If you tuck up your hair into your turban (of course, personal preference. I think it looks fabulous either way) realize that all the focus is going to be on your face. So make sure that your face is clean and put together, and perhaps tone down on the make-up as a done-up look will appear harsh without hair to soften it.


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  1. This is one trend that I actually like. I have a few cheap ones from the beauty supply and I plan to get some prettier ones soon. I love seeing elements from the 50’s coming back. Like the longer hem line flair skirts (Marc Jacobs fall 2010) and now turbans. It’s going to be interesting to see if I actually see people wearing these thing here in Chicago.

    1. Turbans I’m not 100% sure about yet, but the longer hem-lines are a godsend. I love my legs, but I was getting tired of trying to find skirts that would even cover my ladybits!

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