There Is A First Time For Everything

Soooo this year I am trying to do things differently, or do things outside of my comfort zone. I met new people, went to Charleston Fashion Week, wore bracelets even though I barely wear jewelery, let my arms hang free, called an embattled CEO and over the weekend….. I ate sushi. I hate the smell and taste of fish. If I eat seafood, it has to be cooked crab and shrimp, but I tried sushi and it was great. I even went back a second time. Go me! My friend Khali and I went to Miyo’s after driving around Columbia, only to find every other sushi spot closed.  I had the Godzilla (rice, seaweed,crab, all fried tempura style) and the Mermaid (rice,seaweed,crab,salmon,shrimp, and cream cheese). It was good. Even though I love the Godzilla, it was just too big. The Mermaid was smaller, and the cream cheese gave it a very interesting taste. I just need to get over the texture issue and learn how to use some chopsticks. Now take a look at my shoddy camera phone skills. Actually I like this photo. It is kind of grainy though.

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  1. June 22, 2010 / 8:05 am

    I LOOOOVVE Sushi! Next time you have some ask your server to add lemon to one of your rolls and see how you like it…I didnt think I would and I LOVE it…it just adds something GREAT to it…haha!

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