How to Transition to Natural Hair Week!- The Beloved Perm Rod Set

transition to natural hair

transition to natural hair
This week I am going to be featuring a series of YouTube videos that helped my transition to natural hair. My natural hair journey wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and I really think that was because of the many YouTube videos that I watched every night. I have been natural for two years now, and I finally big chopped about one year and change into my journey. I know for some that may seem like an eternity when you are used to having relaxed hair. I hope this video series helps on your own natural hair journey.

The video below is one of the first videos I watched on the beloved perm rod set. My first perm rod set was done by my beautician. I am sure a lot of you had a roller set as a child for Easter or whatever. I finally got one when I started to transition to natural hair. I started off with two sew-ins. I do not like tight braids and things I can’t easily take off at night, so after I was over the weaves my beautician did a roller set on my hair, and I was back in business. I experimented with different sized perm rods-they are super cheap so stock up- and different types of mousse and setting lotion. Go to the store and figure out which one you like the best. The smaller the rods, the tighter and shorter the curls.

My first perm rod set came out looking like a twa or teeny weeny afro. The good thing about that was I got to get accustomed what I look like with short curly hair. It was a shock, but also freeing at the same time. If you are used to having longer hair, you might want to try the bigger rollers since your hair won’t be as short with them. Check under the video below for a few products I used when I first started using perm rods. The video below is by 20pearlsandcurls. Please subscribe to her channel.

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