Wiggin’ It Series: How to Make a Full Wig

How to make a full wig

Hello everyone! This is the third post for the Wiggin’ It Series which will teach you how to make your own wigs.

Today we will finally make our wigs. There are several different ways to do this. You can use a stocking cap, spandex sport cap aka dome cap, or a weaving cap. Whichever cap you chose determines the type of bonding method you use. If you do use the dome cap/ spandex cap, make sure it is the one female cap and not the male cap. For instance, you can use weave glue on each of these caps as long as you put a plastic bag or plastic stocking cap on the wig head first to keep the cap from sticking to the wig head. The spandex cap is great for high temperature glue sticks and fusion glue sticks. With this cap, you still want to use a plastic bag or shower cap underneath to protect the wig head. The weaving cap is great if you want to sew on your weave, and once again… it goes great with weave glue as well.

I myself prefer both glue methods since that are faster than sewing the weave to the cap. It just takes entirely too much time. If you want to reuse your weave or virgin hair, try the weave glue or sew-in method, since the hot glue is great for permanent wigs. For today’s tutorial, you will see the weave glue. Like I said, it is fast. Also remember to save a tiny bit of track/weave when you finish laying down your tracks so you can make a closure piece. Four to six inches of track should be more than enough. Watch the videos below to see how to make a regular closure at the top of the wig and how to make the full wig.

How to Make the Full Wig From ToyaJtv:

How to Make the Wig Closure Once You Finish Laying Down Your Tracks From JazzyJuJuBee82:

Supplies Needed To Make Your Wig:

Tomorrow’s post will show you how to make a more realistic closure piece using lace.

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  1. Hi I used the hot glue method with a plastic bag and now pieces of the bag are stuck to the wig. Do you know how to remove those pieces quickly? I’ve been picking them off but it’s taking forever and u can hear the plastic when I put the wig on. Thanks

    1. You can pin it down with some bobby pins. I don’t really like combs that much anymore because they can rip your hair out.

  2. Every time I use the glue gun it comes off…. Pls help… What am i doing wrong…

    1. What kind of cap are you using, and what kind of glue? Are you letting the glue get hard before you put the hair weft on it?

    1. I actually just use whatever standard one that they sell in the craft department of Walmart.

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