Battle of the Yaki Lace Front Wigs! Help Me Choose One!

Yaki Lace Front Wigs

Yaki Lace Front Wigs

Ok guys and dolls! Please get me out of this hair dilemma. I need your help in picking out a yaki lace front wig. I have been looking at different yaki lace front wigs for months. Since I am natural, and very fond of protective styles, I want a wig that will mimic straightened hair so I don’t actually have to straighten my hair. I am so afraid of damage. After being natural since 2012, I want to keep my hair growing and strong. Protective styles, like twists and wigs, help my hair to grow because I am not playing in it or adding heat to it all the time. The thing I like about yaki lace front wigs is that they look more natural on my head. Sometimes I want a wig that looks like it could be my hair.

I have narrowed the selection down to three different yaki lace front wigs. The first one is the $29.99 Janet Super Flow Deep Part Lace Front Wig Bisa, then you have the $39.99 Motown Tress Extra Deep Part Lace Front Wig – LXP. Lion, and the final yaki lace front wig is the $24.99 Outre Synthetic L-Part Lace Front Wig – Tess. The Janet Collection wig is thick, but looks more like relaxed hair to me. It also looks very smooth. I feel like it could be realistic on me.

With wigs, I am all about realness. I hate looking wiggy. The Motown Tress wig looks the best to me because it looks like what I think my hair would look like if I blew it out and flat ironed it a tad. I guess I feel like this one is the most realistic. The Outre wig looks the most thick and realistic to me. The only problem I have with this brand is that they usually don’t fit my big ass head. 🙁 You can see the video reviews below. Which one should I get?
Photos from the links above.

Janet Collection Deep Part Lace Wig Bisa

Motown Tress Extra Deep Part Lace Front Wig – LXP. Lion

Outre Synthetic L-Part Tess

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