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Luv Mika Shares Four Affordable Conditioners For Detangling Natural Hair

detangling natural hair

I decided to collaborate with fellow beauty blogger/vlogger Luv Mika to share four affordable conditioners for detangling natural hair. I love Luv Mika’s videos and Instagram. She has a wealth of knowledge that I couldn’t wait to let my readers know about. I hope you all will subscribe to her channel and blog. Also please follow her on her Instagram page because she has awesome beauty and product reviews and fashion posts on there. I love her outfit posts. because she is really good at thrifting. I don’t know how she does it, but she needs to teach me her ways.

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Beauty Bit- How to Clean the Hair Under Your Weave

A lot of women wear weaves and extensions, and a lot of them know how to deep condition the hair once a week. But how many of you weave wearing sistas know how to wash the hair braided under your extensions. There are a lot of confusing/convoluted ways to do this, but I finally found a YouTube video that shows an extremely plain and simply way to cleanse the hair under your weave. All she does is scrub the dry shampoo on her braids with a towel and blow dries for extra penetration. It is so easy peasy.

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