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Urban Outfitters Store On Tour

Urban Outfitters Store on Tour

Yesterday, I headed down to 1022 Senate Street  to see what the Urban Outfitters Store on Tour was about. Well it was great seeing how they turned the two truck trailers into a mini store. The clothes were nice as always. I almost bought some black and white film for my camera. Instead I bought a tribal inspired tank top. Check out the rest of my review and my Instagram photos below.

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Southern Art Students, This Urban Outfitters Art Opportunity Is For You

From the attached PDF: “Dockers Alpha Khaki and Urban Outfitters are curating a mobile gallery to feature four young/amateur/student artists from the following areas: Gainesville, FL | Tallahassee, FL | Athens, GA | Columbia, SC The spin? You will be asked to use khaki as the medium for inspiration in your piece. We will provide bolts of raw material, actual Dockers® khakis, and a stipend. It will be your task to create [paint, draw, sketch, rip, tear, distress, mold, design, sculpt] any way you please.

Your piece will be displayed along with the works created by the other student artists in our mobile Dockers-created, Urban-curated gallery which will tour the Southeast this October. Your work will also be exposed in an online gallery — open to the public. Express your individuality through another lens. REINVENT KHAKI. Submit your digital portfolio [link or collection of photos] to [email protected] by Friday, September 2nd. Please include your contact information and a short biography of you and your work. Make sure to include your full name, email address, phone number, city and state of current residence.”

Crafty Feast Features: Shop Not Made In China


Shop Not Made In China

Shop Not Made In China was one of my favorite booths at Crafty Feast. Nikki Mueller’s ode to buying homemade items made right here in the US of A features cute buttons, hand mirrors, paper products, and tote bags. She also does custom made items. Her items are funny, bright, and are guaranteed to make you smile. The phrases on her products are pretty bad ass.

My favorite items are the buttons and book binding zines. The buttons have funny catchphrases pertaining to Charlotte and Ashville, North Carolina, South Carolina, and the upcoming Democratic National Convention next summer.  The book binding zine teaches you the art of Japanese bookbinding. Just typing that makes me excited to try it. You can buy her items on the Shop Not Made in China website or Etsy. Photo from the Shop Not Made In China Etsy.

Crafty Feast Features: Verabelle


This week’s Crafty Feast Features is spotlighting Verabelle, a crafty brand from Charlotte, NC that reworks vintage goods into incredibly unique items. Verabelle sells cute vintage apparel and shoes, hair accessories, and the cutest appliques so you can get your design on too. Maybe you prefer vintage housewares to vintage clothe? Try Verabelle’s Attic for cute vintage housewares. They make the perfect housewarming gift. If you are looking for cute gift ideas period, just check out Verabelle and Verabelle’s Attic.

* Don’t forget to enter in the Sproos Shop Hair Accessories Contest!

Crafty Feast Features: Owelette Collective

Owelette Collection Baby Bonnet

Hello everyone! I wanted to bring you this post about Owelette Collective while I recover from exams and final projects. This is the last week of school, so a regroup and recoup is in order. Anyway I wanted to bring you all a post on Owelette Collective. I know a lot of my friends have been having baby showers galore lately, so this is great for their little bundles of joy. Owelette Collective’s printed baby bonnets bring a certain freshness to modern babywear.

Owelette Collection Baby Bonnet

These cutie patootie baby bonnets are the perfect gift for a little one. They are printed by Friendly Arctic Printing and Design and feature nifty little designs. Don’t forget to pick up their bloomers and diaper wallets. I think I have some great baby shower gift ideas!

Check Owelette Collection online here and at the following stores:
Bloomington IN: Paper Crane Gallery
Cincinnati OH: Fabricate
Columbia SC: Pack Rats
Columbus OH: Lottie Da Baby
Columbus OH: Wholly Craft!
Mt Pleasant SC: Pure Gifts
Nashville TN: Friendly Arctic
Portland OR: Plue Children’s Store
Warren RI: Muse American Handcrafted

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They will also be at the Holy City Flea in Charleston, SC in June.

TFAS Shop Tours: Atelier Minyon

Today’s post is about the lovely jewelry at Atelier Minyon. By the way, sorry for the delay in posting. The day I was supposed to come back from NYC, my flight was delayed. I was also really drained from the fashion week experience. I have been doing so much laundry and homework that my mind is going crazy. Because of that I hope you don’t mind if I skip reporting on London Fashion Week, which sucks because London usually has the most fun fashions. I will start covering Fashion Week again when Milan starts later in the week and finish with Paris.

OK!!! So enough about that and more about Atelier Minyon. I love the people at Atelier Minyon because they are always so nice, and the jewelry is always so interesting, remember the bone bracelet from last September. Totally cool right?!?!? Yup it is.

atelier minyon

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LaRoque Spring 2011 Debuts


I know we are just getting into the holiday and winter season posts here at TFAS, but LaRoque just debuted her Spring 2011, and I am so proud of her. You might recall that I interviewed Annabelle in her studio last Spring. She had big dreams for her custom brand, and they are definitely beginning to blossom. LaRoque’s spring line is going to be in 17 stores across the Southeast. That is so amazing.




The clothes are what I would like to call “Southern Belle Goes To Palm Beach Chic”. They are cute, fun, and sassy. Pink, teal, white,and black are the most used colors in the collection next to the yellow and orange printed pieces. The skirts, shorts, tops, and dresses are very preppy and feature LaRoque’s signature bows and ruffles. Annabelle most certainly knows her customer, and I can see them gobbling up this collection.

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DeLibel Boutique Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

Last night I had the pleasure of attending DeLibel Boutique’s one year anniversary, and I had a blast. Models showed off the boutiques new fall pieces and my friend Marquis introduced me to Sue and Lyndsay from DeLibel. They had lots of chocolate covered strawberries, mini eclairs and creme puffs, Spanish wines, pink lemonade,  and lovely hor d’oeuvres.

The clothes at Delibel were really nice. I was really impressed because they managed to mix one-of-a-kind pieces with some trendy classic clothes and accessories. The store’s aesthetic works well. One thing you have to check out when you are in a rush for a great cocktail outfit is The Dress Boutique. It is a back room full of wonderful dresses and don’t forget the jewelry.

Delibel Boutique is located at:

1215 Lincoln Street

Columbia,SC 29201


[email protected]

Check Out Vent Magazine

Vote America!

Vent Magazine is another magazine out of South Carolina that I think you should check out. My friend Najee from TresFraisNajee is the fashion editor at this hip lifestyle magazine that features music, fashion, and art.

Disclaimer: This isn’t your regular periodical. If this doesn’t dissuade you, have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. Most importantly of all, welcome to VENT.

VENT. n. 1. A release; an activity that frees or expresses creative energy and/or emotion. 2. Words arranged on a page in the shape of new and ever-unfolding ideas. 3. Images designed to engage, ignite, and spark one cognitive spectacular.

Thank You Carolina Bloggers!

I would like to thank Teowanna, Kaela, and Mikelle from Carolina Blogging for throwing an amazing get together! They brought together some of South Carolina’s most popular bloggers for a luncheon at the Blue Marlins’ Vista Room. Thanks Brian Dukes for the lovely food. Heather Solos from Home-EC 101 and Kiesha Easley from We Blog Better spoke to us abut blogging. I can’t wait for Heather Solos book to come out. I think I want to turn my blog into a book one day, and I have already started implementing some of Kiesha’s blogging tips. I can’t wait for the results. Fire Fly Vodka, Cheetah’s Gourmet Chocolates, and SC Exotic Creations provided us with delightful goodies.  My friend Najee’s outfit was a convo starter. He even got featured on fellow luncheon guest Lord Maxwell’s blog. It was great!

blue marlin restaurant columbia sc

jai marshall

najee wilson

Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask Is Tempting Me

I really want to try Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask. They sell it at Sephora, and it has had nothing but rave reviews from every magazine and website that I have read.  I think this will be an excellent mask to de-stress with at the end of the day.What do you think?

This is what Sephora says:

This jet-black, mineral-rich mask creates a unique peel-off effect that delivers powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening results. Made with a premier-quality clay, its deep-cleansing properties draw out dirt and oil. Other natural ingredients go to work exfoliating skin and refining pores. Powerful antioxidants shrink pores, firm skin, and reduce inflammation. Once dried, the mask strips away dead skin, impurities and excess oil to reveal immediate and visible results.

Epic City

Everybody, especially on my Facebook page, has been raving about this video.

This is what the press release says:


See first glimpse of a LOVE and VERSACE city, the completely original design of which was digitally created specifically for this film by Director and Designer, James Lima, with Creative Direction by LOVE’s Editor-in-Chief, Katie Grand.

Grand says: “Working with James Lima again was of course completely thrilling, and adding Versace in to the mix was very exciting. The models we used are badass cyber chicks who are so cool and fuck-me gorgeous they don’t care that the world is falling apart. James is indeed a genius.”

This city in fact does not exist; Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros, Claudia Mason, and Julie Ordon, all wearing Versace Fall/Winter 2010/11, were filmed separately, acting and reacting to the virtual world crumbling around them. Lima describes MODELGEDDON as:”Supermodels, being über bitchy, dressed in sexy Versace, shot with a RED camera, with a huge amount of computer graphic destruction, in a photo-real urban landscape”.

The Last Of Paris

Paris Fashion Week is over and that means that all of the major fashion weeks are done until February and I can now go back to spending most of my time studying and finishing my DIY projects. Speaking of which; I completed this DIY last week from Alice & Daisy and am almost done with this one from love Maegan. I’ve also been hand-sewing and mending things, but that is neither here nor there! Here are the reviews. Photos from

I think Sarah Burton did a great job with Alexander McQueen’s collection. There were some motifs, shapes, and textures happening in the collection that made everything seem familiar. Nothing strayed to far from what McQueen used to do.
Alexander McQueen
Louis Vuitton was beautiful. I will admit…there were some pieces that I thought were absolutely ridiculous, but the bulk of the clothes were amazing. Marc Jacobs did a great job with this Asian inspired collection.
Louis Vuitton
The last day of Paris Fashion Week also marked the last time John Paul Gaultier designs a collection for Hermes, and boy did he go out with a bang. He had fashion icon Farida Khelfa walk for him and a whole slew of dressage riders on horseback. Everything fit his horse theme perfectly.

The AAU Fashion Show Spring 2011

This was the best show AAU yet. The talent is astounding. I’m so glad the AAU fashion blog has the video up now because my video for the show sucked, and it was hard to take pics and video sooo… anyway you can watch the show up above.

I am going to give you all the details on the graduate students who presented in order. If you couldn’t tell already each new collection comes up with each music change.

Jungah Lee- M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 1-6
The collection was inspired by the faded colors of antique books. Her collection featured hand dyed garments made from latex and silk.

Cara Chiappetta -M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 7-12
Inspired by Helmut Newton’s photography and Bridget Fonda’s character in “The Point of No Return”, she used rubber, mesh, silk, wool, and nylon to present a feminine collection.

Louie Llewellyn M.F.A. Men’s Wear Design and Xiang Zhang M.F.A. Knitwear Design Looks 13-18
Louie designed the menswear for this collection and Xiang designed the knitwear. Two different ideas and multiple concepts came together to create these looks.

Print Collaboration Looks 19-26
This collection was created by a group of Technical Design, Fashion Design, and Textile Design students.

    Technical Design-

Lindsey Gong and Jackie Nguyen

    Fashion Designers-

Anasa Greaves, Han Yoon, and Emma Erickson

    Textile Designers-

Ruby Guerra, Gabrielle Cols, Yi-Hui Wen, Amanda Carrillo, Chanchai Tanapornwattana, Jennifer Chen, Sarah Appiah, Jennifer Filp, Adriane-Luaren Hueso, and Leah Rossi

April Howard-M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 27-32
April was inpsired by found objects sculptor Kathy Kelley, a decaying concrete and plastic covered urban wasteland, and Cormac McCarthy’s novel “The Road.” The collection was made of stretch leather.

Camilla Olson-M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 33-38
Camilla’s collection was inspired by “Blade Runner” and samurai arts. Everything was made with laser cut silk chiffon and silk faille cage.

Maria Korovilas M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 39-44
Maria’s collection was inspired by the Jenny Lewis song “You Are What You Love.” Maria’s collection was full of beading, silk, and lace.

European Fashion Trends – Fall/ Winter Collections 2010/2011 Part 2

3rd trend: Revival of the 50’s and 80’s

Although these eras are long ago, nearly every decade celebrates its comeback, sooner or later. This fall it’s the 50’s and 80’s turn.

Derivation of the 80’s Wall Street look:

A new type of woman created a furor in those times: the successful businesswoman. In 1988, Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver taught the business world the true meaning of fear in their movie “Working Girl”. And to show the women’s toughness, many men’s clothing classics got adopted to the female wardrobe.


The look is very businesslike. Coats, chemises and cravats are a pretty good investment. Typical 80’s: classical shapes & shoulder pads. To mix it up, mini-skirts can help to interpret the look in a female way. Noble hats cap the look.

Hermès look

Derek Lam

50’s look:

The characteristic silhouette is defined with small tops and wide flared skirts. A plunging neckline caters for modern sexiness. Very hip: slinky bustiers or a basic t-shirt combined with a skirt. Moreover, former floral prints get replaced by modern art-appeal.

Louis Vuitton:


4th trend: Baroque ‘n ‘ Roll


In the 60’s, musicians like Jimi Hendrix knew how to play to the gallery, and they mixed glam outfits with quillings, velvet and brocade. The style carried forward to the 80’s and now. You definitively must have a look at the video clip “Prince Charming” by “Adam and the Ants”.


Precious brocade and sparkling gold threats come to the fore. The stylistic dimension varies from baroque-inspired glory to the sixties look and the shimmering 70’s disco style. Who doesn’t like to be that sparkish: A minimalistic combination of black and gold sets priorities without gaudiness.


Isabel Marant

-Sabrina La Belle Fleurie

Community Events

New Shoes Up At TFAS Shop!

Christmas in July Brittons Fish Fry
July 24 10am-6pm
Bring in canned goods for Harvest Hope Food Bank 
10% discount on clothes

Shoestring Diva
 Swap Event Promotes Community Service and Fabulous Clothes
Live life to the fullest, but on a budget at Columbia’s first cocktail swap event, Diva Swap 2010. 
Diva Swap is a fun, charitable way to swap your gently used items for new-to-you items.  Items to be swapped include clothing, accessories and shoes.  Join Columbia’s most fashionable women on August 6, 2010, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm, at the Embassy Suites as they swap the night away with live music, delicious food and free swag bag gifts. 

Diva Swap is not your ordinary swap event.  It’s a fabulous way to network and give back to the community.  Diva Swap is the perfect reason to de-clutter those closets for charity.   Swap attendees are encouraged to bring more than one item to swap so that additional items will be available for donation to local charities and shelters.   

Diva Swap swag bag partners include Yogen Fruz  in Village at Sandhills and Aloette of South Carolina.  Both companies have signed on to provide free coupons and products for all swap attendees.  Tickets are available online via  For more information, visit or email [email protected]  

RSVP for the 2nd Annual A GLAM AFFAIR today!