Crafty Feast Features: Shop Not Made In China


Shop Not Made In China

Shop Not Made In China was one of my favorite booths at Crafty Feast. Nikki Mueller’s ode to buying homemade items made right here in the US of A features cute buttons, hand mirrors, paper products, and tote bags. She also does custom made items. Her items are funny, bright, and are guaranteed to make you smile. The phrases on her products are pretty bad ass.

My favorite items are the buttons and book binding zines. The buttons have funny catchphrases pertaining to Charlotte and Ashville, North Carolina, South Carolina, and the upcoming Democratic National Convention next summer.  The book binding zine teaches you the art of Japanese bookbinding. Just typing that makes me excited to try it. You can buy her items on the Shop Not Made in China website or Etsy. Photo from the Shop Not Made In China Etsy.

By thefatandskinnyonfashion

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