My Struggle With Food And Weight Talk

avocado, asparagus, clean eating
avocado, asparagus, clean eating
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No more food and weight talk please! This week has been a strange week in terms of healthy eating and weight talk. If those things trigger you, please bypass this post. I have had so many convos about healthy eating. Most of the conversations covered these questions: what do you eat, how do eat, how has it helped you, and finally do you feel healthy? Then everyone wants to try and tell me what is right for my body. No ma’am!

Weight talk and food talk still triggers me because I was an overweight child who grew up into an overweight adult and the convo around those two things never really helped me but instead caused mental strife and shamed me. I was bullied at school, so to have to leave school and still hear people talking about my weight was not good for my self esteem and mental well being. Funny how everyone that cares about your physical well being don’t actually care about your mental well being.

Now that I am older things have changed. I did Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig as a teen, had a personal trainer, etc but I still didn’t know or understand how food was impacting my body. For those that have followed me over the years, you know that I have lost over 100 pounds. I did this by adopting a lifestyle change…not a diet. Also I am not here to tell you to lose or gain weight. Do what you feel. I am just speaking for myself.

Even though I cycle through keto and low carb eating, and I eat vegan items here and there…I do not consider myself a dieter. For someone who was forced to diet for most of their life and suffered some anxiety over it, my lifestyle change has actually been freeing.

Yes I have lost weight and my skin has gotten better, but I have a horrible disease called hidradenitis suppurativa. It is a horrible skin disorder that wrecks havoc on the body. Luckily I have found that luckily I have been able to keep my HS at a stage 1 because I have started eating and drinking as many nondairy and nightshade free foods as possible. Also the low carb meals that I have been preparing have cut down on the amount of sugar that I was consuming which really helps lower my chance of getting flare ups.

I am not a doctor, so don’t quote me on this. I am however showing you the research that I did for my body. You most do your own research. People are beginning to think that HS might be an auto immune disease. Form the research I found, auto immune issues may be caused by a leaky gut. When food enters a leaky gut, it then leaks out into the rest of the body. From there the body thinks the food is a foreign influence that needs to be attacked. That is when my body decides to flare up. It makes sense because when I was eating certain foods, my flare ups were so painful and ridiculous.

Anyway. I am saying all that to say that at the end of the day I have to do what is best for my body. I have to eat what I have to eat. I was questioned this week about whether my eating has actually helped, and I can say without a doubt that it has. I hate that someone who barely known me would doubt me, and I hate that I would let it get to me. I am proud of myself for standing my ground and living in my truth.

If you made it this far into the post, thanks for letting me ramble my thoughts out into the void.

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