Luv Mika Shares Four Affordable Conditioners For Detangling Natural Hair

detangling natural hair

I decided to collaborate with fellow beauty blogger/vlogger Luv Mika to share four affordable conditioners for detangling natural hair. I love Luv Mika’s videos and Instagram. She has a wealth of knowledge that I couldn’t wait to let my readers know about. I hope you all will subscribe to her channel and blog. Also please follow her on her Instagram page because she has awesome beauty and product reviews and fashion posts on there. I love her outfit posts. because she is really good at thrifting. I don’t know how she does it, but she needs to teach me her ways.

DETANGLING. That word makes lots of naturals cringe and reluctantly go forth into their next wash day. I use to feel the same way about my wash day as many combs have given their lives for the cause of detangling my kinky 4c hair. Fast forward quite a few years and lots of conditioner products later, detangling is a cake walk. -Luv Mika

One of the reasons I trust her knowledge is because two of the conditioners on her list are personal faves on mine. The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist conditioner is so amazing and cheap. Some times you can find it at Walmart and other retailers in doubles or other multipacks. The other condtioner that I use specifically for detangling natural hair is the Alberto Vo5 Moisture Milks Strawberry and Cream conditioner. She uses the regular cheaper bottle that I used to use in her video. Now I use the bigger bottle with the pump for more convenience. I use them both from time to and recommend them to anyone wanting to deep condition and detangle their natural hair.

I also want to try the other two on the video because I have heard such great things about them from other naturals. You know how us natural hair girls share product tips. I am in a natural hair group on Facebook, and the ladies in that group rave about these other two conditioners.The other two are the Tresemme Curl Hydration conditioner and the Suave Naturals Rosemary and Mint condtioner. Watch the video below.

*Also check out her tips for handling heat damage.

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