Guest Post: How to Dress For Fashion Events

FASHIONMYLIFE! Since I am packing for my trip to Charleston Fashion Week, which starts tomorrow, I asked a stylist friend of mine to write a guest post on how to dress for fashion events. I was featured about a week ago on her website Mannequinsf.

The best part about being in fashion is all the amazing events that you get invited to attend. It doesn’t matter if it is a runway show, store opening, NYFW or whatever it may be. You must always dress to impress.

I was lucky enough to attend NYFW a couple months ago, (the highlight of my year!) The question I asked myself months before was, “What am I going to wear? Lucky enough for me an amazing San Francisco designer Tuan Tran lent me some pieces to rock on the red carpets all over New York.

My approach to this killer outfit was easy. I made sure my hair and makeup were on point. I took a simple black v-neck dress and I reversed it to give it a low back and higher neckline. Then I added some grey tights and a Tuan Tran Wire wear accessory to really make the outfit pop. Oh and don’t ever forget any outfit is never complete with out a killer pair of heels.

The second outfit I wore was a black cutout sweater dress, black tights, and a Tuan Tran wire dress over top. I even converted it into a skirt at one point in the evening. I also wore black heels, and attitude. I made a San Francisco fashion statement everywhere I went. I can’t even tell you how many compliments I got that weekend.

In conclusion it doesn’t matter if your outfit was $50 or $5,000 it is all about your attitude, presence, confidence, and how you carry yourself. Even if you don’t have designer friends to loan you garments, take a look in to your closet and work with what you got. Remember always stay true to yourself; confidence is the greatest accessory anyone can have that is not available in stores!


Amanda Michelle Foschia

Founder ofMANNEQUINsf

By thefatandskinnyonfashion

Jai has been helping bring fashion and beauty news to women around the world as the editor of The Fat and Skinny on Fashion for 5 years!

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