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I Finally Did It… I Graduated From Grad School!!!

I was super busy last week. I went to San Francisco with my parents to graduate from the Academy of Art University with a MFA in Fashion Journalism. I am exhausted and excited! Thanks for all of your support during these long three years. In that time, my blog went from a hobby to my final graduate thesis project. Now I can relax, try to get a job, or try for my second masters or Ph.D. Who knows what the future will bring?!?!?

Guest Post: How to Dress For Fashion Events

FASHIONMYLIFE! Since I am packing for my trip to Charleston Fashion Week, which starts tomorrow, I asked a stylist friend of mine to write a guest post on how to dress for fashion events. I was featured about a week ago on her website Mannequinsf.

The best part about being in fashion is all the amazing events that you get invited to attend. It doesn’t matter if it is a runway show, store opening, NYFW or whatever it may be. You must always dress to impress.

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Guest Post:Fashion Internship Tips – Kick-Start Your Fashion Career

Thanks Jennifer Nelson for this wonderful guest post. I hope this helps some of you out there who are looking for an internship.


the hills

Photo from here.

People in the fashion industry know that going to the best fashion school is a great way to land a fashion internship. Internships allow you to get hands-on experience that will make your resume pop, as well as give you examples to show prospect employers of your creativity and dedication in a professional environment. Here are five essential fashion internship tips for how to get a fashion internship.
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I Passed My Final Review!!! I Can Now Graduate From Graduate School!!!!!


Yesterday was a very emotional day. I went from nervous, to scared, to calm, to happy, to everything in between. After all the hard work, which took about three years exactly, I passed my Final Review. I presented my thesis yesterday. After next week I will be done with graduate school. I will soon be able to walk in May in Sac Francisco at the Academy of Art University, where I will receive my MFA in Fashion Journalism. Whew!!! I can relax now. Photo from We Heart It.

AAU Fall 2011 Graduate Fashion Show

I can’t believe I forgot to blog about the Academy of Art (AAU) Fall 2011 Graduate Fashion Show. This one was the best one yet. They always look really good. The students are always so talented, but this year was THE best. I also got to meet my intern Erin from Pixel Perfect. You may recognize her from her uber informative and fun Trend Report posts. All in all a great time was had by all.

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The AAU Fashion Show Spring 2011

This was the best show AAU yet. The talent is astounding. I’m so glad the AAU fashion blog has the video up now because my video for the show sucked, and it was hard to take pics and video sooo… anyway you can watch the show up above.

I am going to give you all the details on the graduate students who presented in order. If you couldn’t tell already each new collection comes up with each music change.

Jungah Lee- M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 1-6
The collection was inspired by the faded colors of antique books. Her collection featured hand dyed garments made from latex and silk.

Cara Chiappetta -M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 7-12
Inspired by Helmut Newton’s photography and Bridget Fonda’s character in “The Point of No Return”, she used rubber, mesh, silk, wool, and nylon to present a feminine collection.

Louie Llewellyn M.F.A. Men’s Wear Design and Xiang Zhang M.F.A. Knitwear Design Looks 13-18
Louie designed the menswear for this collection and Xiang designed the knitwear. Two different ideas and multiple concepts came together to create these looks.

Print Collaboration Looks 19-26
This collection was created by a group of Technical Design, Fashion Design, and Textile Design students.

    Technical Design-

Lindsey Gong and Jackie Nguyen

    Fashion Designers-

Anasa Greaves, Han Yoon, and Emma Erickson

    Textile Designers-

Ruby Guerra, Gabrielle Cols, Yi-Hui Wen, Amanda Carrillo, Chanchai Tanapornwattana, Jennifer Chen, Sarah Appiah, Jennifer Filp, Adriane-Luaren Hueso, and Leah Rossi

April Howard-M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 27-32
April was inpsired by found objects sculptor Kathy Kelley, a decaying concrete and plastic covered urban wasteland, and Cormac McCarthy’s novel “The Road.” The collection was made of stretch leather.

Camilla Olson-M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 33-38
Camilla’s collection was inspired by “Blade Runner” and samurai arts. Everything was made with laser cut silk chiffon and silk faille cage.

Maria Korovilas M.F.A. Fashion Design Looks 39-44
Maria’s collection was inspired by the Jenny Lewis song “You Are What You Love.” Maria’s collection was full of beading, silk, and lace.

Innnn New Yaaaarrrwwwkkkk!!!

Washingotn Square Park

Picture I took in 2007.

I’m sooo excited! If you have been reading my blog for the past year and some change, you would know that I love NYC, and I plan on moving there. I also told you guys that one of my goals is to go to New York Fashion Week!


Tomorrow I leave on a super early flight to go to New York City. I may not be going to many shows, but I will report from my graduate school’s fashion show. They are they only fashion school in the country to show at the tents. You can view the live stream on September 10th, 2010 at 5 pm PST. I will also visit two different showrooms. I am also trying to meet up with some of my blogger friends, and I will attend the IFB Emerging Influence Conference. I am making the most of my week.

My So-Called Life

Hey Guys! I know it has been awhile since I gave you all the inside scoop on school. I switched majors from fashion merchandising to fashion journalism. I am taking 3 fun classes.
  • Intro to Journalism: I am learning how to write like a journalist.
  • Style Icons in Fashion and Media: I am learning about the style icons that have influenced the fashion world.
  • Intro to Styling: I am learning to be a stylist…YAY! Fun!
These classes and their projects are very challenging and come with a lot of work, but I feel like I am really learning some great information. Come December I will have already finished my first year in grad school at Academy of Art University and I LOVE IT!

I feel like even though school is tough, I can accomplish anything.

Grad School Update

So I am now into my fourth week of Grad School. Yay! I can’t believe I am actually in grad school, but I am. For those of you who don’t know, I am doing the Masters in Fine Arts program in Fashion Merchandising at the Academy of Art University. I am taking Dynamics of Fashion, Fashion Marketing, and some Textile class that I hate. So far everything is good. It is a whole lot easier than I imagined, and I am doing well in my classes. Maybe I am speaking too soon. Maybe I am just taking easy classes. Who knows? Oh well I will keep you up to date as things happen, change, or move along.

Photo by Kevin Dooley

Grad School

This week I started grad school at the Academy of Art University. I am planning on earning a Masters of Fine Art in Fashion Merchandising. So far all has been well. I am taking three online classes. Crazy you say, why yes I already know that. I am trying to balance school, Delta Sigma Theta, guitar and photography lessons, and my own personal life. Hopefully I will be able to have free time to run this blog and have a personal life in the process. I don’t want to get twisted.